+++ Update +++ On December 2nd 2010 Cognac Expert received a message from Remy Martin. The Louis XIII collaboration with Jay Z is not happening.

Remy Martin statement:

Statement from Louis XIII
While Rémy Martin has great respect for Jay-Z, his music and business endeavors, we are not collaborating with the artist on a Louis XIII decanter at this time.  The signature Louis XIII bottle design, custom engraved with S. Carter, was used more than seven years ago to commemorate the Rémy Martin Room at the 40/40 Club in New York City.


Rémy Martin and Hip-Hop star and business player Jay-Z team up in order to create a special range of the cognac house‘s Louis XIII bottle. Louis XIII is one of the most expensive and exclusive Cognacs… it seems like that HipHop and Cognac is really getting married in the US.


So Rémy Martin gets active again. After having fired T.I. as a spokespersn for the brand, they now take the whole issue seemingly more seriously. Jay-Z is probably one of the most respected persons in the rap business, and he made a fortune with producing music.

The Louis XIII is an exclusive product, so it seems to be a good collaboration and a good idea.

The bottle apparently will be called Louis XIII S Carter, which stands for Shawn Carter – the real name of Jay-Z. Question remains if this is just a personal bottle for Mister Carter or if Remy really goes for a collaboration.

Rémy Martin also announced to be sponsoring the OMG concert tour and after parties of RnB star Usher. The activity begins this month and ends in February 2011. The ‘Usher-campaign’ is part of the ‘Things Are Getting Interesting’ campaign. And it’s an international one: Touring includes New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, and London among others. Of course there will be a OMG cocktail, no suprise: The Louis XIII Hot Toddy.

Here is how our Cognac fans react on a possible Jay-Z Louis XIII partnership:

  • I’ve been eye-balling this wicked brew for a while! It’s some top shelf cognac, but don’t think you can just walk in you beverage store and buy a bottle unless you have MAJOR funds on hand! Matter of fact I would carry that amount cash that it would cost! The highest grade I’ve tried is the XO at $189 a bottle….and this is supposed to be so much better than that! Whoa! Maybe if I hit the lottery!
  • I love Louis!! My wife loves me a lot. Got one for last Christmas, a bottle all my own….
  • I previously voiced my issues with T.I representing my personal favorite cognac house well before his most recent legal troubles. ( nothing against him personally) Mr Carter is an upgrade image wise, but must it always be a rapper?? Then again you might have to make a platinum album to afford a bottle of Louis XIII. lol!! I once popped for a snifter at a very fine steak house almost cost more than the meal!! but was well worth it!
  • Just another way to get Black Kids to drink whats not good for them. Why can’t he partner with a beverage company that sells Water or Juice….? EXACTLY.

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

Source: marcustroy.com/Coolhunts/

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Jay-Z and Rémy Martin do not collaborate on Louis XIII 'S. Carter' edition

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