I just discovered this new Hennessy Cognac: James Hennessy. Purchase James Hennessy in our online store.

It comes in a 1 liter bottle, presented in a gift box. It’s another new release for Hennessy’s 250th anniversary this year. The bottle is designed by Marc Newson, exclusively at airport duty free stores. Hennessy’s president Bernard Peillon explained that the bottle would only be available at the 25 largest hubs worldwide.

James Hennessy Cognac: Exclusively Duty Free

With this decanter the house of Hennessy pays tribute to one of the family members: James Hennessy, Richard Hennessy’s son. James was a negoce member who pushed for globalization and international sales. This blend is supposed to have elegant and a contemporary taste – sounds like a “facile a boire” cognac.

Tasting Notes James Hennessy Cognac

We found the following tasting notes on a duty free website:

Colour: Beautiful shades of amber are punctuated by soft highlights of pink and bronze.
Nose: Suggestions of mild tobacco and light wisps of smoke combine subtly with toasty aromas. Hints of roasted almonds intermingle and merge with Madagascar vanilla to produce soft and delicately perfumed notes.

James Hennessy Cognac: Exclusively Duty Free

Palate: The nose follows through to a palate of elegance and restraint, enhanced by fresher flavours reminiscent of apricot, then pistachio and blood peach.

The price of this new Hennessy duty free cognac is at 135€ about 150USD. The pricing is under Hennessy XO but well above any VSOP.

What I love about the description I found is that is says, quote: “burnt sugar (E 150 a), with colourant”. You may want to take a look at the article about added sugar and colours in cognac. I think I never saw such a straight-forward product description before when it comes to Cognac.

I also found this on reddit (September 2015)

A good friend of mine picked me up a bottle of the James Hennessy duty free version and it is fantastic.

There is a problem, I can not get it here in the USA. I called Hennessy USA and spoke to them and they said the only way is to fly overseas/europe and buy it.

Do you guys have any idea on how to acquire another bottle?

I guess that means that James Hennessy is only available in european duty free for now.

James Hennessy Cognac: Exclusively Duty Free

James Hennessy is another milestone in the company’s duty free strategy (like all the big booze players). Hennessy’s mother company LVMH, which also includes Louis Vuitton and Moet Champagne, came up with the store-in-store concept of Cave Particulieres: It was created at Charles de Gaulle airport Paris, an airport I personally hate.. at least someone is doing something interesting over there.

Learn more and shop Hennessy Cognac


Picture Copyright Don Henny’s facebook page

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James Hennessy Cognac: Exclusively Duty Free

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  1. Avatar

    Does anyone knows if it’s available in Schiphol Duty Free Netherlands?

    I bought this in CDG. I wonder it is also available in Schiphol?


  2. Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    I purchased a bottle on a Carnival Cruise ship this past May for my 7th anniversary. It sold for 125.00.

  3. Avatar

    Just got one at Atlanta International Airport coming back to Canada

  4. Avatar

    Just bought one on a Singapore Airlines flight to Heathrow from Singapore. It’s one of their standard duty free in-flight offerings at S$195

  5. Avatar

    I’ve purchased it a couple of times from the Frankfurt airport in Germany.

  6. Avatar
    Rene White

    Melbourne, Australia intl terminal has it too. Great drop of henney

  7. Avatar

    This item is available at the duty free shops at SFO for $150. Even if you are not flying international, you can still purchase it by agreeing to pay the local sales tax

  8. Avatar

    My wife picked me up a bottle from Montreal Canada for $200 us.

  9. Avatar
    Michael Black

    You can also try duty free inside of any international airport terminal or some cruise ships carry it .

  10. Avatar

    I purchased a bottle of this luscious cognac,
    Jan.6. ‘19, Duty Free Cancun ! Didn’t realize how lucky I am to have this Celebration Edition .

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