As ever, it’s exciting to see which cognacs triumph in the various different competitions over the year.  After the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the World Drinks Awards and the Worlds Spirits Competition, yesterday the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) has announced their results. The IWSC was the first competition of its kind, and now in its 45th year, it is still one of the largest and most respected of all.

IWSC 2014

Below are the ‘Gold Outstanding’ and ‘Gold’ award winners in the cognac section.

Gold Outstanding Award Winners

ABK6XO Family Reserve Cognac

This Single Estate XO is the oldest of the ABK6 cognac range, an both elegant and complex cognac. You can buy this ABK6 bottle online at a price of $110.

IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

Double Crown Tres Vieux Cognac

Double Crown is part of the Abecassis group, producing Cognac from the Petite Champagne only. The Double Crown Tres Vieux Cognac is the flagship of this house, using old and rare eaux-de-vies.

Boinaud – J. Dupont XO Art Deco Cognac

J. Dupont Cognac is associated with De Luze and part of the Boinaud group. They use the very best eaux-de-vie that the Domaine Boinaud produces, exclusively from Grande Champagne. The judging tastes notes says about this Cognac: “A fragrant, complex and richly flavoured nose paves the way for a palate with a sweet toffee character. It’s delicious all the way, and despite the amount that’s going on it somehow achieves great harmony. Impressive.”

Delamain XO Cognac

This Grande Champagne Cognac was introduced as a product in 1920, and represents 80% of the company’s production. The blend consists of selected eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region producers and growers. You can buy this Delamain bottle online at a price of $108.

IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

Bache-Gabrielsen – Hors d’Age Grande Champagne Cognac

Bache Gabrielsen Hors d’Age is a 100% Grande Champagne, a 1st Cru cognac. The oldest eaux-de-vie in the blend date back to the year of 1917 and the youngest around 1960. This Cognac takes over 50 years to make. The grapes used for this blend are Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche. You can buy this Bache Gabrielsen bottle online at a price of $232.

IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

Louis Royer Extra Grande Champagne

As the name suggests, the Louis Royer Extra Grande Champagne is made from eaux-de-vie taken from the Grande Champagne region only. A well-balanced and powerful Extra blend, strong and intense with a dominant finish.

Gold Award Winners 

Réviseur XO Cognac

As Double Crown Le Réviseur Cognac is part of the Abecassis group. This XO comes from the Petite Champagne growth area. You can buy this Le Reviseur bottle online at a price of $95.

Double Crown VSOP Cognac

Another Double Crown Cognac. According to the judging tasting notes this Cognac is “‘Gourmand’ yet elegant. A hint of tropical fruit adds an exotic and moreish touch to the silky palate, and the whole ensemble represents Fine Champagne at its perfect best.”

Gautier VS Cognac

Gautier Cognac is one of the oldest cognac houses. Embodying the first ageing of Cognac, the Gautier VS has been carefully crafted by the cellar master of Maison Gautier essentially from Cognacs from the Fins Bois and the Bons Bois for a perfectly balanced and harmonious Cognac. You can buy this Gautier bottle online at a price of $37.

IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

J. Dupont Art Nouveau VSOP Cognac

And again J. Dupont Cognac triumphs – with a VSOP Cognac. The judging tasting notes say: A lovely floral nose leads the way to a palate packed with flavours: fruity, with dried apricot to the fore, and a glorious honeyed sweetness that lingers to very end of the persistent finish.

Louis Royer VSOP Cognac

Creating cognacs from all six terroirs of the Cognac growing region, Cognac Louis Royer traces its history back to the year 1853 and is known for a wide range of quality cognacs. The Louis Royer VSOP cognac is a blend of top crus.You can buy this Louis Royer bottle online at a price of $55.

IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

Tiffon – Chateau de Triac Reserve de la Famille

With strong ties to the Scandinavian country of Norway, the history of Cognac Tiffon dates back to 1875. Tiffon Reserve de la Famille Chateau Triac is an exquisite Cognac that was aged for 50 years and more in oak casks.



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IWSC Cognac Awards 2014

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