This question came up the other day: For our Jewish friends, amongst others, it’s necessary to be aware of the various kosher products that are suitable for consuming – and that of course includes cognac, along with various other alcohol and beverages.

With that in mind, we wondered if there was a definitive list that includes not only cognac, but wine and whisky as well.  It would be interesting to know.  To make it more complicated for non-Jews to understand, there are also different degrees of kosher, with the strictest being that which can be consumed during Passover.

All foods, wines, alcohol and beverages that are kosher certified are marked with the symbol OU, and for those that are okay to have during Passover are marked OU-P.

Kosher Cognac?

So, what cognacs are kosher certified?  This is what we found:

–  Dupuy Cognac VSOP

–  Dupuy Cognac XO

–  Louis Royer Cognac VS

–  Louis Royer Cognac XO

–  Montaigne Cognac Napoleon

–  Montaigne Cognac VS

It’s also interesting to note that any whiskey, including Irish, are not to be drunk as there is no guarantee as to the kosher certification. Various blended whiskeys do have the OU symbol, so can be enjoyed, as can a wide variety of Scotch that has been certified as kosher.

Is Cognac Kosher?

Wine is also a bone of contention, and should only be drunk if it shows the OU mark clearly on the label.  There’s many another beverage that needs to be carefully considered before drinking as well, so whether your tipple is whisky, wine, cognac, vodka, sake or any other type of alcohol, you’ll need to do a little investigative work to find out if it’s kosher.

We’d love to know if there’s a definitive list anywhere – or any more kosher cognacs that people might be aware of. Any ideas? For instance, are Rémy Martin cognacs kosher, or the the ones from Hennessy?


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Is Cognac Kosher? Is There a List of Kosher Cognac and Brandy?

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    There also exists an Israeli brand of cognac, Five Stones Vineyards, that has a OU-p symbol. Made in France of course, but not revealed who the producers are.
    And like Daniel said, there are other certification marks. One I like to name and that is OK, the symbol of which is a ‘K’ inside a circle. Courvoisier XO bottles have it clearly visible on some of their labels.

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