Considering there are apps available for virtually anything you can think of, it seems a little odd to us that cognac is one area that is very poorly accounted for in our 21st century, information hungry world.

So it’s great to see that both Remy Martin and Hennessy are doing their bit to level the playing fields with the launch of two apps available from the Apple iTunes store.

Hennessy App

So, let’s talk about Hennessy first, and the Hennessy VSOP iPhone app version 1.0.  One reason for issuing this app is because of the sad fact of the increasing amount of fake cognacs on the market.  And with a house as old, prestigious and successful as Hennessy, it’s virtually inevitable that they’ll be one of the major counterfeiter’s targets.  Designed to give you the information you need at your fingertips to be able to spot a non-genuine bottle, this app is dedicated solely to the newly launched Hennessy VSOP with its great new bottle designed by the infamous Chris Bangle.

Hennessy iphone App

The app gives you an in-depth look at all the signs that a bottle of Hennessy VSOP is the genuine article.  Through the Authenticity Assurance Components utility, this includes on-the-go information about logos, holograms, engravings and symbolic grape emblems, ensuring that you don’t spend your money on any counterfeit products.As well as this, the app provides some information about the story and spirit of Hennessy VSOP, as well as covering a large library of FAQs.

Good: The videos
Not so good: not that interactive, the App doesn’t really have a clear goal

Remy Martin Louis XIII App

For those who want to know more about the legend that is Remy Martin Louis XIII, the recently updated iPhone app version 1.2 will introduce you to a world of sheer refinement and luxury.  Perhaps the most famous cognac in the world, the Louis XIII app not only tells you about the cognac itself, but also allows you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury travel destinations, art, technology, cars and design at the highest level.

Louis XIII iphone/ipad App

Good: Travel destinations and the luxury topics
Not so good: you apparently can’t get the App through all European i-tunes accounts (or is it just us?)

Both apps are available for immediate download via Apple iTunes.


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Remy Martin Louis XIII and Hennessy VSOP Get An iPhone/iPad Makeover

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