The other day we discovered an App on Apple’s I-Tunes App Store, about brandy and cognac!

Wow, we thought – that’s great. When we bought it for 79 US cent we were excited, the app downloads… getting a little XO… then the app opens.

Cognac App was a copycat of our work

Soon we realized: Damn. All the content is a copy of Cognac Expert’s database, of our work, our research. All the texts, the bottles, the pictures – about brands and bottles, were just 1:1 copied. Stolen. Stunning. Unbelievable.

APP Iphone Ipad Cognac

Of course this was a heavy copyright infringement, and we did inform Apple App Store and claimed immediate blacklisting. The app even got promotion on other websites, we were not that happy about it.  Some even gave out free promo coupons.

The thing is: The app wasn’t even really good. It just copied work of and also some data of

After 10 days Apple (or the developer) did remove the app from the store. Our US lawyer was already about to pen the Cease-and-desist letter, pointing out copyright infringement etc. – the usual steps. Of course the developer, a LLC company from the US, will not be allowed to relaunch the app, even when they would change texts and pictures.

We are really happy that this app  was taken offline. It’s really crazy, some people think they can just steal information like that and even earn money with it.

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Iphone Ipad Cognac App: First we Got Robbed finally Happy End

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Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973.Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


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    Good on you Cognac Expert! This type of thing happens far too often. Also good on Apple App Store for looking into it and taking appropriate action.

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    happy that it worked out! I would have never bought this app, because you guys are doing a great job.

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    HA! Got ’em. I’ll tell you, though, the world needs a good cognac app. It’s so difficult to find reviews of cognacs all in one place. Even a place like Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which has excellent and professional reviews of a lot of congacs doesn’t have have them all. It probably doesn’t even have most of them. And other sites have a lot less than that, usually with a few hip hoppers trying to claim that Courvoisier VS is the best.

    So it’s difficult to even find what cognacs exist out there much less have any idea of what professional tasters and your fellow layman enthusiasts think of them. It’s not like many places in the US have much of a selection anyway, but it would be nice to be able to access reviews on your phone while you’re in the store, and even better, to be able to do your hunting from home on your computer before you head out.

    Such an app could also educate people on cognac and particularly on how to taste and evaluate cognac. And your own news feed would be a great addition to it. Maybe you guys could commission an app (I know, it’s not cheap, but maybe a cognac fan who is also a programmer would cut you a deal). You seem to be so plugged into the world of cognac, so who better?

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    well, not only the news feed, but the brand list with all the products on cognac expert is great too, look at it’s quite impressive and for sure the best list of cognac brands and houses on the web. and you guys clearly want to continue.

    it would be great to get products reviewed though, by users etc. i would be in for that!

    I think you can access cognac expert pretty well already via an ipad/iphone, but of course it would be great if you guys could think about an app.

  5. Avatar

    I would defintely pay for such an app: if it has all the brands and bottles (or most of them), and with a brand like, which is as far as I understand the no 1 authority in the web in Cognac, and the news etc. – yes. Would pay up to $10 for something like it. and it’s true it does cost some money to develope something like it.

    perhaps you should do a survey and ask if people would like an app and if yes, how much the would pay for it!

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    Still lots of smaller quality brands missing from the list ( eg Boutinet, Tallon, Baluet, Cabel to mention but 4), but I think the Cognac-Expert guys are working on that. Would love an app…..

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    Ok, so where is YOUR App? While they were bootlegging your IP which is wrong, they were definitely filling a void in the marketplace. Come to the plate show your dominance and expertise.

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    Cognac Expert

    Thanks everyone for you comments, very helpful and interesting. Always appreciated to receive ideas!

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