The soaring popularity of Cognac and related rising prices has tempted many to cash in on their investments.  A popular way to do so is by using the auction site eBay.

But before you consider this option, be aware of the recent complaint filed by Hennessy against the theft of some of its more prestigious bottles – in particular Hennessy Ellipse, see here for bottle details..

Hennessy Thiefs?

Yesterday morning, a La Rochelle man found himself the subject of a police investigation after he advertised a bottle of Hennessy Ellipse and a bottle of Richard Hennessy via eBay, see here for details on Richard Hennessy.  Duly selling his wares he also agreed to provide the purchaser with authentication numbers for the bottles.

Cognac Trafficking Network

But it seems that his buyer is actually e a policeman from Cognac and with the aid of another dozen officers appeared at the vendor’s house with a search warrant.  He was taken into custody for a period of 24 hours and told that he was being investigated as part of a cognac trafficking network.

He has been fully exonerated but is furious about what he describes as an ‘unacceptable’ experience.  The unnamed man says that what bothers him the most about this is that the LMVH group who sold him the bottles originally is not able to trace that he was a genuine buyer.

It appears that there have been several copies of Hennessy Ellipse.  The high end bottles have been sold worldwide but some boxes have arrived at their destination with the protective plastic film intact but no cognac inside or being replaced with dummy plastic bottles.

Hennessy reported the thefts a couple of weeks ago and a full on investigation is in place to find out who is involved, both in the taking and receiving of the stolen goods.


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Innocent eBay Seller Held by Police as Hennessy File Against Theft of Bottles

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  1. Avatar

    I think eBay rules exclude the sale of alcoholic products – only collectables which is presumably what these were advertised as. The legal priniciple used to be buyer beware…!

  2. Avatar

    I think the sale of alcohol is legal.

    Why ban the sale of alcohol? Ebay’s regulations are not clear.

    I found a number of sellers that only sell products (bottle empty, according to the understanding of Ebay), not selling content. But the fact that selling a full bottle

    In addition, seller’s sale bottles empty, a number of buyers, poured wine into a bottle and put into new wine for sale to other buyers , this is fake alcohol.

    Are troubling.

  3. Avatar

    There is little surprise that ebay is being exploited by people hoping to cash in on the rapidly rising prices of old cognac. Prices of old vintage cognacs have shoen remarkble gains over the last few years and the signs are, with less and less available that this will increase further.
    It is surprising that with no apparent age statement and clear indications that the Hennessy Ellipse is a blend across several cru’s that it can cost as much as seven and a half thousand euros. Lets hope that the thieves choke on their haul.

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