East Coast gangsta rapper Fat Joe, or should we now say, “not-quite-so Fat Joe” is the latest hip hop artist to join forces with an alcohol brand. And this time it’s the fruity liqueur from Heaven Hill Distilleries, Hpnotiq, that’s hitting the headlines.

Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release
Gansta rapper Fat Joe collaborates with Heaven Hill Distillery to launch the OG Hpnotiq campaign

In an elaborate campaign entitled “OG”, Bronx born Fat Joe (AKA Joseph Antonio Cartagena) has been crowned Hpnotiq brand ambassador and is launching a new limited edition bottle.

Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release
The new limited edition Hpnotiq bottle in collaboration with “Brand Ambassador”, Fat Joe

Preceded by his controversial reputation

Perhaps most famous for the dramatic body transformation that saw him lose over 100 pounds, Fat Joe was part of the whole initial journey of the Cognac and vodka-based Hpnotiq when it blasted onto the nightclub scene at the beginning of the millennium.

Hpnotiq Brand manager, MaryCrae Guild, said of the new collaboration, “With a shared history and authentic connection to hip-hop culture, Fat Joe is the perfect partner to launch the Hpnotiq OG Campaign, having been one of the original artists to have featured Hpnotiq in the early 2000s”.

Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release
Hpnotiq—the Cognac and vodka nightclub staple

Of course, many will be familiar with the notorious Fat Joe enemy 50 Cent diss, an infamous feud that lasted nearly a decade before the two rival rappers officially buried the beef during a tribute to Chris Lightly at the BET Hip Hop awards.

Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release
50 Cent, who had a decade-long feud with hip hop icon Fat Joe

So if the powers that be at Heaven Hill Distillery, the makers of Hpnotiq, are looking for a name that has a very real chance of giving them massive exposure (and let’s face it, in the world we live in, no publicity is bad publicity), then they’ve picked a great candidate.

Limited Edition bottle—and Limited Edition Ambassadorship… 

The limited edition version of Hpnotiq OG goes on sale this month around the country. It continues in the unmistakable aqua blue color scheme of the original release (other versions include Hpnotiq Sparkle and Hpnotiq Harmonie). As far as we understand, it’s the bottle itself that’s the limited edition: the drink itself is the original fruity liqueur.

But this isn’t the only limited edition of the campaign, because Fat Joe’s reign as Hpnotiq “Creative Director” also has a finite lifespan—although exactly how long this is hasn’t yet been made common knowledge. This fictious advertising stunt features a video campaign of the gansta himself behind the scenes at the Heaven Hill lab, priming the staff, recording the company voicemail, and creating some signature cocktails.

The first video is shown below, and has been described in various sources as “hilarious”. Now, not that we want to be shot down in flames, but we actually found it more cringe-worthy than funny. But hey—maybe that’s just us? 

Anyway… Here it is, so make up your own mind…

The first in the series of the Fat Joe OG Hpnotiq video campaign

Hpnotiq cocktails

Of course, being as Fat Joe is a king of gansta rap it makes sense that he’s promoting Hpnotiq cocktails with names in that vein. 

Examples of some of the drink mixes being aired in the OG campaign include:

1. The Don Cartagena

A refreshing mix of Hpnotiq, coconut rum and pineapple juice garnished with a pineapple slice and berries

2. The Incredible @#$*&^

A blend of Hpnotiq and Cognac that transforms the brand’s signature blue hue into the fan-favorite green cocktail.

Joe himself says of his new role, “If you knew hip-hop in the early 2000s, back when ‘Lean Back’ was dominating the radio stations, you know that Hypnotic was the dopest brand in clubs across the country,” says Fat Joe. “What better way to pay homage to our shared roots than to have me, a real OG, on board as creative director of the ‘OG’ Campaign. This summer, we’re doing it big with the limited-edition bottle launch as we raise a glass to the nostalgic era of the 2000s and toast to the future of the brand that started it all.”

Discover more about the liqueur that is Hpnotiqin our online shop, and read our blog about the launch of the related Hpnotiq Harmonie that made the drink one of the fastest growing products in the history of the spirits industry.

Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release

Sources: prnewswire.com

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Gettin’ Down with Fat Joe & Hpnotiq: Limited Edition “OG” Bottle Release

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