Rémy Martin is one of the most distinguished cognac houses worldwide. The company belongs to Rémy Cointreau.

As for most high end cognacs, Rémy Martin sources it grapes from the chalky Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne of the Cognac region. The eaux-de-vie from these “crus” have the best ageing potential and result in the finest and most treasured cognac. Fine Grande Champagne Cognac, which is what the production at Rémy Martin results in, is the only blend that is protected by the Appelation d’Origine Controlée, the AOC, a French law dating back to 1938 and which qualifies the cognac as one made only from these two growing areas.

Rémy Martin XO Excellence (1)

Rémy Martin started signing contracts with wine growers in Charente back in 1965, introducing  the Alliance Fine Champagne. Today Rémy Martin belongs to the multinational Rémy Cointreau.

The famous logo of Rémy Martin, the distinctive centaur that is displayed on all its bottles has made this brand an internationally recognisable cognac.

A tradition since 1724

For many decades, in fact since around 1724, Rémy Martin mainly known as a vigneron, which means they grew grapes and distilled them into  eaux-de-vie to then sell on to other cognac producers. Today of course, Rémy Martin, still committed to the traditional methods of fine distillation, creates its very own cognac, which is internationally renowned for its complexity and finesse. Five generations and three centuries (!) of the Rémy Martin family have invested themselves into producing the very best cognac and  respected as wine merchants inspired by the quest to capture the essence of cognac.

If you are interested in the history of Cognac making, see here.

See a video about one of Rémy Martin’s suppliers. Patrick Brisset talks about his profession as a wine grower and the Fine Champagne Alliance, a group of 1200 wine producers who deliver their eaux-de-vie exlusively to Rémy Martin.

The orgininal house of Rémy Martin is based in Cognac, in the heart of the Cognac region. The charming villa can be visited for guided tours (it is also often used for exclusive events). The production happens at the Estate of Rémy Martin, just outside of Cognac, in Merpins.

The cellar master at Rémy Martin, which is rather unusual in this very male dominated business, is a woman: Pierette Trichet. She blends the eaux-de-vie of the Grande and Petite Champage to create cognacs with the most unique aroma and intensity. She also makes sure that all the blends represent in taste the overall philosophy of the house’s tradition. Her job is to find the perfect harmony to make the cognac taste characteristically like a Rémy Martin.

The estate of Rémy Martin (2)

Pierrette Trichet, Cellar Master:

“Releasing the aromatic heart of Fine Champagne is my life’s work. Distilling by traditional methods in small alambics, working in harmony with time, and exclusively nurturing the eaux-de-vie in Limousin oak casks enables us to reveal the aromatic intensity that can only be found in Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac.”

Louis XIII

The most precious cognac that Rémy Martin produces is the Louis XIII Grande Chamgange. History has it that every great cognac is inspired by a great figure. In this case it was the French King Louis XIII, who was reigning when the Rémy Martin family first settled in the Charente. The blend was mastered over four genreations until it was finally registered in 1874. It is a unique combincation of 1200 different eaux-de-vies, understandable that it is such a luxurious product! The iconic flask made form metal resembles an original flask found on the battlefield of Jarnac – which the coganc house takes as an opportunity to state that King Louis XIII is the “King of Cognacs”.

Louis XIII (3)

The luxury market is happy to accommodate such rare and expensive products, so it is not surprising that Rémy Martin has introduced three different blends in this category: Louis XIII, Louis XIII Rare Cask and Louis XIII Black Pearl. The cognac is bottles in a Baccarat crystal decanter and sells for an average price of 1500 Dollars.

Celebrity culture at Rémy Martin

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was offered Rémy Martin Louis XIII when she came to France and Winston Churchill was celebrating his election as prime minister with! Even Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown drank the famous spirit in the blockbuster movie “Cocktail“.

US Rapper Remy Ma (whose previous name actually was Rémy Martin) made a whole career out of this brand. It shows how close the Hiphop scene is to cognac once again.

And see another video, where you can see Rémy Martin’s cellar master Pierrette Trichet guide you through the production procedures of this exquisite cognac house:

The product range of Réme Martin is long:

  • Remy Martin VS
  • Remy Martin VSOP
  • Coeur de Cognac
  • Club de Rémy Martin
  • Remy Martin Excellence XO Fine Champagne
  • Remy Martin Extra Fine Champagne
  • Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne
  • Remy Martin L’age d’Or
  • Rémy Martin Louis XIII
  • Rémy Martin Louis XIII BLACK PEARL
  • Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask

International Distribution

44, avenue du Capitaine Glarner
Phone : +33 149 454 920

Rémy Concord Ltd
Room 2502, AIA Plaza
18 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Phone : +852 3710 9300

Rémy Cointreau Russia
Building 2, 28 Tverskayastreet,office 12
Moscow 125009
Phone +7 495 221 7199

Rémy Cointreau Shanghaï Ltd
Unit 1, 12F, Tower 1 Grand Gateway
1 Hong Qiao Road
Shanghai 200030
Phone : +86 21 6448 6111

Rémy Cointreau USA
1290 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10104
Phone: +1 212 399 4200

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

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House of Rémy Martin: Trading Cognac since 1724

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  1. Avatar
    Richard F. Seffer

    A friend of my daughter has a Blue Velvet Case/Box containing set#32 1938 Louis XIII “ce cognac grande champagne. A 2″x3” tag tied to the neck of the bottle
    indicates it was served at “the banquet Royal offert
    a Lears Majustes Britanniques Le Roi George VI et la Reine Elizabeth au Chateau de Versailles le 21 Juillet 1938”
    E. Remy Martin & Co
    It is in pristine condition. A smaller arched label at th bottom of the bottle also indicates E. Remy Martin & Co. This is very historic. One year or less before WWII began.
    I have read of red and blue cases but not blue. Is there any significance in colours? Also can you estimate the age of the cognacaAnd the value of this set. It was passed down to her friend when her father died 10 to 12 years ago.
    I know that the bottle is of Bacarat Crystal. Can the cognac actually be from 1768. Thank you very much. Any information would be greatly appreciated.It is definately a treasured item in her friends house.

    Rich Seffer

  2. Avatar
    Ken Albers

    We have an AKC Champion Remy Martin Standard Poodle (brown color). Let me know if you want to see a photo.

  3. Avatar
    Andre benn

    I don’t know who I need to talk to,but all I drink is REMY 1738 and up,,but I bought a bottle of 1738 and it didn’t taste right,,it wasn’t smooth it was kind of harsh,,,,if u can give me the email to who i need to talk to thank u I will appreciate it,,,,,thank u

  4. Avatar

    habe drei Flasche Remy Martin V.S.O.P mir gekauft, die erste Flasche war o.k..
    Die zweite Flasche hat aber einen ganz anderen Geschmack, viel leichter!!!!!
    Habe darauf die dritte geöffnet und die ist wieder in Ordnung.
    Von der zweiten Flasche ist nur ein kleiner Teil raus,
    Frage, soll ich Ihnen die angebrochene Flasche zum Testen zuschicken?



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