Here is a wonderful new product by Cognac brand ABK6: A honey Cognac liqueur made with eaux-de-vie from a single vineyard. To launch “ABK6 Honey” and to celebrate ABK6’s 10th anniversary, we were invited to a beautiful dinner hosted by Elodie Abécassis and her father in Düsseldorf, Germany.


ABK6 Honey not only boasts single estate Cognac, but also local honey originating from bee hives from one producer only. Christian Guerin, ABK6 Cellar Master, has blended the honey with the Cognac during the aging process to create this innovative liqueur. The product idea actually came from ABK6’s Elodie who then worked on fine-tuning the product together with Christian for quite some time.


Francis Abécassis said of this new creation, “I am convinced that blending eaux-de-vie coming from a single estate gives the Cognac inimitable character and depth”.

We had the opportunity to taste Honey Cognac Liqueur in a cocktail, and neat on the rocks. What we really like about this liqueur is that it’s strong and mellow at the same time. It is sweet of course because, after all, it is a liqueur, but it also has a nice punch to it because of its degree of alcohol, which is still pretty high. We like the whole product a lot, the concept and the final result.


The 35% abv. liqueur has rich tones of toffee, vanilla and rose petals, as well as aromas of honeysuckle, violet and jasmine. The retail price ranges at around 30 USD/EURO which is a pretty normal pricing for such a liqueur. Given the fact that the ABV is at 35%, it’s actually a very good pricing.

By the way: Abk6 Honey is not the only honey based liqueur out there: Jack Daniel’s Honey Whisky seems to have been the first, Jim Beam also released a Honey whiskey liqueur – and in 2013 we discovered Raffin’s French Honey, a cognac liqueur based on honey.

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Sources: AKB6

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Honey Cognac Liqueur by ABK6: Pure Single Origin Product

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