Within two years, Gerard Jouannet, the Deputy Mayor of Cognac, aims to rescue the archived records of many Cognac houses and make available to the public the ‘Centre de la Memoire du Cognac’ – a Centre to the Memory of Cognac.

Old Cognac documents

Rather than allowing the historical records of cognac producers to be lost forever, the plan is to catalogue the old papers and house them in a wing of Cognac’s Museum of Arts.

Along with other objects and collections provided by the museum, they will be able to be viewed by all, and if required, used for reference purposes or publication.

Many documents have already been acquired from the likes of Cognac Monnet, Jules Robin and Augier, and many more are currently being sought.

In our current throwaway society, it is great to see such an effort to preserve this wonderful piece of Cognac’s history!

Source: www.charentelibre.fr

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Historical Cognac Documents Saved from the Trash!

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    Paul RONNE has been salvaging such documents for years. Excellent MACO is now going to display them.

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