A reader sends us images of his beautiful Thomas Hine Grande Champagne & Co 1935 Cognac bottle. Seems to be a vintage bottle: The barrel landed 1957 in London, bottled in 1963. Makes 28 years of storrage in an oak barrel. And this cognac was

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Hine Grande Champagne 1935

T. Hine & Co Grand Champagne 1935. Established 1763. Cognac. Landed in England in June 1957 and bottled in 1965. Specifically Bottled for the Connaught Hotel. Produce of France. 70 Proof.

This may be the last bottle in existance.  The reader purchased this bottle in London late 1970 or early 1980.

Guest in the Connaught Hotel: Hine Grande Champagne Cognac 1935

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Guest in the Connaught Hotel: Hine Grande Champagne Cognac 1935

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    Hi if you looking to sale please contact me at [email protected] (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)
    Kind regards, James

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    I would like to sell this bottle. Does anyone have an idea on what it might be worth?

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    The Bottle of Hine Cognac 1935 as shown is a little low on the level which indicates the seal is allowing air in. It is not in perfect condition but is worth between £275 – £325
    If you wish to sell it please contact [email protected]

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    I am lucky owner of three bottles of Hine 1937 Early Landed Grand Champagne Cognac, ( Purchased from Devenish about 35 years ago ).

    We can no longer consume brandy hence :-
    We are open to generous offers for a single bottle.

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    if you have a bottle you wish to sell please let me know

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    I have three bottles of HINE Grand Champagne Cognac 1937,
    Bottled in UK 1964, the content levels are consistently very slightly down, due to the moisture needed to maintain an effective cork seal.
    As a private individual, I remain open to your offer.

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    pictures would be nice, what are you asking for all 3 bottles?

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