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++ UPDATE ++ as we found out some time ago, here’s Martell’s new Blue Swift product. +++

In my free time, I like to browse trademark database websites like to spy a bit on new trademarks of Cognac houses.

Release Spy: Secret Future Cognac Releases

Why is that interesting? Because it can give us an idea what’s the next big release of a cognac company.

Hennessy XXO

Wow, what could this be? I could imagine some sort of XO Cognac which is older than the XO, and perhaps positioned between Hennessy Richard and the XO. Filing date of trademark: 2015-05-20. This is suspicious! Owner: Société Jas Hennessy & Co.

This information is available to the public, here.

Status: Active

Hennessy Commande Imperiale

The category: Alcoholic beverages except beers; alcoholic cocktails. I wonder whether this is supposed to be a cocktail or a new Hennessy Cognac. Owner: Société Jas Hennessy & Co. Filing date of trademark: 2014-06-20. We even found a little trademark logo.. which makes me think more of a cocktail. There is a little detail in the description I found “prepared alcoholic cocktails”. Could this really be a alcopop-drink, a ready-made cocktail with Hennessy Cognac?







Martell Blue Swift

Is this perhaps a well kept secret? The name Martell Blue Swift was filed 2016-01-20. The category is brandy, cognac, bourbon, whisky, distilled beverages, spirits – interesting to see ‘whisky’ here. As this is a trademark for France and the name ‘Martell’ appears, I’m pretty sure that Pernod-Ricard is behind  this. Also, the word ‘blue’ tells us a lot. A new product? Perhaps a VSOP or Napoleon Cognac?

Idyille Cognac (or Idylle Cognac)

Something else we found is Idylle Cognac: The product actually already exists but currently seems to be under-the-radar.
There are exactly 4 things in the internet: Trademark registrations, a twitter, facebook and instragram account and a website. Trademark was filed April 1, 2016.

Release Spy: Secret Future Cognac Releases

All we found is “The perfect blend of the finest Cognac and fresh natural French dairy cream.”


Elixor: Fine Cognac Vodka

Good lord – what is this… ELIXOR FINE COGNAC VODKA was filed September 18, 2015 and we even found a picture of this still-under-the-radar product.

Release Spy: Secret Future Cognac Releases

In the trademark description it reads: The color(s) black and gold is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the stylized wording “ELIXOR” in black, with a gold swirled line appearing behind it. The stylized wording “FINE COGNAC VODKA” appears beneath in black with a gold outline. The color white represents transparent background and is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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Release Spy: Secret Future Cognac Releases

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