Putting the art in Cognac, Hennessy XO has joined forces with world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to create a one of a kind decanter costing 17,000 dollars – all in celebration of Henessy XO’s 150th anniversary. 

Hennessy 150th anniversary decanter

The term “XO Extra Old Cognac” was coined by Maurice Hennessy himself – who was the founder and Master Blender of the house of Hennessy back in 1870. Since then, the term has been used worldwide to represent a blend of eaux-de-vie that have matured for anywhere between 10 and 70 years. Hennessy XO contains one hundred blends that average out to offer a Cognac of 45 years of age.

Frank Gehry is known for his iconic architectural design work and his signature sculptural style, which has flourished through a career spanning over six decades. 

Frank Gehry

Examples of his work can be found all around the world and include the likes of the Bilbao Guggenheim in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Opus Tower in Hong Kong and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. 

The collaboration transforms Hennessy X.O’s recognisable bottle into a visual work of art that combines gold and glass together, in representation of the rich legacy of that the house Hennessy holds today. 

Decanter with packaging

Paying homage to both movement and light, Frank Gehry remains true to his usual philosophy and approach to work when designing his architectural masterpieces. Gehry’s values hone in on the surrounding nature as he draws inspiration from the environment. For this piece, inspiration was taken from the rich Hennessy blend itself and the shining Charente River running through the Hennessy Maison. Gehry was also influenced by the all-important soil, entwined vines and admirable savoir-faire found at the Hennessy vineyards when designing the decanter. 

The  Hennessy X.O Frank Gehry bottle is wrapped in a crinkled sleeve of 24 carat gold-dipped bronze, which embodies the flowing movement of water as it reflects the light. The sculptural decanter is encased by a fractured glass glorifier, which further amplifies the inspiration of water and light.

Decanter with packaging in light

Each of the 150 limited-edition bottles available (one for each year since the launch of the original Hennessy XO) are numbered and imprinted with Gehry’s signature and would make the dream bottle for Cognac collectors alike.

24 carat gold bottle has $17000 pricetag

Hennessy will be donating the proceeds from Frank Gehry’s creation to their new initiative called ‘Unfinished Business’, which strives to help small businesses suffering the wrath of COVID-19.  

Cognac connoisseurs who don’t have the means to land themselves the limited edition, 24 carat gold bottle are in luck – as the Hennessy XO Frank Gehry collaboration doesn’t stop there! Hennessy will also be launching an additional and much more affordable Hennessy XO bottle design, that is priced at around 200 dollars and will also be available worldwide. 

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Hennessy XO Collaborates with Frank Gehry in celebration of its 150th anniversary

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