When you hear the name, Ridley Scott, what springs to mind? A terrifying slathering alien? Replicants living among us? Russell Crowe flexing his muscles dressed in a gladiator’s skirt? We’ve all got our favorite movies from this genius director and producer. And now he’s returning to advertising, partnering with none other than the Cognac giant, Hennessy.

No stranger to commercials

It’s been 15 years since Scott last directed a commercial. So it’s a massive coup for Hennessy to have such an iconic name on board for what’s going to be a series of commercials. The first is set to debut in February 2019, with each celebrating the seven flavors of Hennessy’s famous XO in 3D, CGI detail.

Entitled, ‘World of Greatness’, the series will visualize the flavors, Sweet Notes, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches, and Infinite Echo.

Alien, Blade Runner, Hennessy XO: Announcing Ridley Scott’s Latest Epic

Of course, Scott is no newcomer to the world of directing commercials. He’s been the man behind some of the most famous advertising that’s ever hit the screen. These include the Apple 1984 Superbowl Commercial, Introducing the Macintosh Computer, not to mention, Chanel No 5, “Share the Fantasy” in 1979. And who can forget, Pepsi, “The Choice of a New Generation” in 1985?

Creative interpretation

Thomas Moradpour, Hennessy’s Global CMO, said of the collaboration, “Luxury appeal is about emotion. It’s about building a dream. Who better than a world-creator like Ridley Scott for Hennessy XO, the iconic flagship of our range, the original XO?”

Alien, Blade Runner, Hennessy XO: Announcing Ridley Scott’s Latest Epic

Scott himself has said of the project, “I’m very pleased to partner with Hennessy for my first commercial in 15 years. From the very beginning the project has been about the creative process. I saw the initial script and it immediately triggered something in me”.

The genius director visited Cognac during the commercial making process, and the ads are now in post production with a CGI team, preparing for the 2019 launch. The seven adverts will act as a precursor to the full film, which creates a fantastic universe and explores multiple worlds. Classic, Scott, of course. And the advertising campaign motto that ‘Each Drop of Hennessy XO is an Odyssey’ only further evokes thoughts of quite how futuristic this advertising campaign might be.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until next year to sample the delight that is the classic Hennessy XO. Find out more about what is one of the world’s favorite Cognacs, presented in an instantly recognizable bottle that’s remained unchanged since its design in 1947. And now, with this Ridley Scott collaboration, then what better than a bottle of Henny XO as a gift for the futuristic movie fan in your life?

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Alien, Blade Runner, Hennessy XO: Announcing Ridley Scott’s Latest Epic

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