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Hi guys, they call me Don Henny because I love Hennessy. Sophie & Max offered me to write something about my Hennessy collection, and here I come.

The first Cognac I’d like to write about today is.. a VSOP from the house of Hennessy of course: Hennessy VSOP Grande Reserve.

This cognac came in green glass. Produced until the 1980’s in formats 3cl-70/75cl-1L & 1,5L
Age 6-15yrs old. Sometimes label shows Grande Fine Champagne underneath VSOP Réserve, but it’s the same product.

Today’s value of this bottle is around 80-120euro for 70cl. They are still easy to find on the web.

Hennessy VSOP Reserve

Of course You can still drink this Cognac. I think this is a very nice one.. especially the smell, It has a very nice aroma on the nose.
The only problem is the Cork, this was sear as of the age. But with a colander was quickly resolved this problem.
And I was ready to taste this one.

Flavour: Very smooth aroma…Lightly wood, fruit, flower, leather,nuts
Taste: Spices, some Pepper, wood/fruit
Short nice sharp & solid cognac when you drink it, not a very long aftertaste.

As I give like 3 – 4 times a year a Don Henny Tasting Night, we have opened this one at Don Henny’s PT3. Everyone was really surprised & looking out to open this bottle as it dates from the 1970’s. We stumbeled imidiatly on a small problem the corck dried out, but we fixed this easly by putting it in a decanter.

My first impression was…. that it really went into the direction of the Napoleon Bras d’Or, especially the smell.
But once you drink from it, it’s a very different cognac.

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Don Henny's Hennessy VSOP Grande Reserve Review

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  1. Avatar

    im trying to find a date for a flask i found it looks like this green one but it has a lighter color green along the nek it says federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle it has arm an axe logo like this one does embossed in the glass an Jas Hennessy & Co down the sides also says made in france on bottom

  2. Avatar
    Don Henny


    Hmmm they made others beside this VSOP one.
    So that can be a Bras Armé or 3 Star flask also you have…
    If you can send me a picture @
    [email protected]
    would be great, thnx!

  3. Avatar
    Susie Stillwell

    Hello Don….
    I have been looking for the main family of Hennessy because I have a full bottle of Hennessy. I myself have had it for more that 25 years and the person who had it before I got it had it for more that 40 years….. It is the collector’s green barrel style bottle with a reserve number on the bottle. Its the Green bottle trimmed in Gold. The number on the bottle is 07829. I would love to sell it to the highest bidder of course….. It has a cork and the top that goes with the designer bottle has gotten lost over the time, but the bottle is in top condition and still full of the cognac…..
    Including a photo for you….
    I was trying to send you a photo via FB but they seems to be now uploading right now, so when I hear back from you, I will send you a photo of the bottle

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