The run up to Christmas is beginning to surge forward with a vengeance. And now it’s the turn of the Hennessy VS Cognac to be given both a complete redesign and the festive touch.Hennessy Christmas Edition

Design agency, ButterFly Cannon, were given the momentous task of coming up with a new packaging design that would both appeal to the younger generation, but also be in keeping with the more traditional and loyal Hennessy drinker.

Creative director of the agency, Jon Cannon, said, “It was essential that we maintained the recognition of the packaging identity as it had only recently been launched. However, we also wanted to give the packaging a bit more exuberance and party attitude”.

Hennessy Christmas Edition

The finished product is a bold, masculine design with gloss varnish, embossing and foil used to make much of the ‘Very Special’ portion of the labelling.


Two special packs are being created specifically for the festive season. The first, to be available on a global scale, contains a bottle of Hennessy VS Cognac and two Hennessy Cognac glasses. The second (only to be launched in the US), contains a bottle of Hennessy VS Cognac and a miniature bottle of Hennessy Black. Both gift boxes have a Christmas theme, with bows, holly and sparkles portraying the party atmosphere.

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Christmas design for Hennessy VS Cognac

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