Hennessy goes on and on, now with new bottle designs for the VS bottles.

The art of Blending or Blending of Art is a program where artists from the music and art world collaborated to create five different artworks for the Hennessy VS bottle.

Hennessy claims Iconic V.S Bottle Becomes Art. Here you see the new bottle designs of the Hennessy VS, created by artists:

Art Of Blending bottles

Who designed What? From left to right:

  • The dark bottle
    Questlove, the Grammy-winning hip hop producer, drummer and DJ, together with New York’s mercurial designer, typographer and artist Aerosyn-Lex, celebrate the most iconic record labels in music history.
  • The devil bottle
    As one of the most talented DJs of his generation, New York’s A-Trak together with his Blending of Art collaborator, designer Dust La Rock are constantly on the search for musical and visual perfection.
  • The funky bottle
    Steve Aoki, the Dim Mak Records label head, DJ, producer and promoter, paired with the ground breaking graphic artist Laundry, aka PJ Richardson have created a whirlwind of hyper colored West Coast inspiration.
  • The handwritten bottle
    Celebrated as two of the world’s most unique new female artists, Kid Sister and Fafi represent a game changing female attitude for a new generation of artists.
  • The crash green bottle
    Tip’s legendary status as the leader of the classic hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest is unparalleled and with Spaceknuckle’s cutting edge vision they celebrate heritage whilst staring down the future.

Here some more impressions of Hennessy’s bottle design activity.

Collage Art Of Blending

Source: Hennessy.com

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Hennessy Very Special Blending Of Art reveals bottle designs

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