Here we have a cognac that apparently is no longer produced: Hennessy Timeless – a blend of old eaux-de-vie by the largest Cognac house. Read more about Hennessy Timeless.
The bottle is located in Slovakia, Bratislava. Our reader writes: “I got a bottle of that gift. Gave me her grandfather. It was a beautiful gift, a beautiful limited edition bottles. I would like to sell a bottle of reasons of not I am a collector. I would like it to end in good hands.”

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

The label reads: Hennessy Timeless,Cognac,Limited edition,1910/2000,70cl,43,% hennessy ltd. Hennessy Timeless was created in 1999 to showcase the company’s past and look forward to the future promised by the new Millennium. Sadly only 2000 bottles of this nectar were released – but quality such as this just can’t be mass-produced. Blended from 11 of the finest vintages of the 20th century, this is a stunning connoisseur’s cognac.

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: Bottles to the certificate.It is a complete package.

How has the bottle been stored:

  • In a dry place
  • Up-right standing

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Cork seems to be dry
  • Cork is protected by a wax seal

The level of the cognac: Into neck: this means the level of cognac is still in the upper bottle neck, normal

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Hennessy Timeless. Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about
this bottle – give your opinion.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting your email address into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

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Hennessy Timeless Cognac: A Limited Classic

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  1. Avatar
    Ole Cigar

    ” Blended from 11 of the finest vintages of the 20th century..”

    If I may say so in this marketing setting, I frequently mention this bottle negatively when I speak about cognac, sorry. In my opinion the Timeless is one of the biggest rip-offs I am aware of in todays consumer market because:
    1. For this price I want the very best cognac, leave out the 8th or 9th best decade! I want all of the cognac to the be the very best; why blend in not fully developed cognac from the 1990’s?
    2. The price is like for all Hennesy products excessively overrated. First the owners of Hennesy want their return on invested capital. Then there is the multiple layers of management of these cognac houses owned buy multinationals.
    Imagine the superior Jean Fillioux no.1: The family produces the grapes on their own chateau, destill and maintain the cognac barrels. When you pay, the value is inside the bottle!
    3. Advertizing: Imagine the cost of telling the entire tax-free world how succesful you will become if you buy the Timeless. Is it improving the quality of the cognac? No. If you buy the fantastic Ragnaud Sabourin Florilege the cost of the bottle is 25 cents and there is no costly marketing campaign to be financed!
    4. The price of the very nice bottle itself is very high; USD 4-500 maybe? Again, it is not adding quality to the cognac.
    5. Imagine you are buying the cognac in a bar and you empty the last 4 cl. Will you be lucky enough to become the owner of the bottle? No. You are just allowed to pay for the barowner to keep the crystal designer bottle himself.

    For you the owner of this bottle, I trade it with a better cognac at 1/10 of the price. You get a much better cognac (Leopold Caramel 30 carat). I get a famous cognac to give away to my snob cognac friends to prove them Normandin-Mercier Vielle Petite Champagne is a better product at less than 1/10th of the price!
    Louis XIII owners: Nice bottle that too. Test the cognac against the cheap Delamain XO next time you want cognac! Or why not, the top of line Family Reserve?
    Cognac enthusiasts: Investigate the 4 above mentioned cognac suppliers and forget about financing these costly advertizing campaigns & management. Invest in the honest small cognac houses and get the best cognac you ever had at a fraction of the rip-off prices. Good hunting!

  2. Avatar

    Hey Ole, thanks so much for your comment – it’s really important for us to have people like you commenting on this kind of matter.

  3. Avatar

    I’m a collector from Norway. Intrested if the price is right. Please drop an asking price and lets see what we can do..

  4. Avatar

    Just for the record: this bottle has been sold.

  5. Avatar

    WTS – Hennessy Timeless / Richard Hennessy / Louis XIII / Hennessy Pardis Extra

    I live in California, USA, and I have the following that I would like to sell:

    •1 x Hennessy Timeless (362 of 2000)
    •1 x Richard Hennessy
    •1 x Louis XIII (No. BD 9866)
    •1 x Hennessy Pardis Extra

    Please contact me if interested.

  6. Avatar
    Thuy Tang


    Do you still have any of the Hennessy and Louis bottles? If so, can you let me know the price?

  7. Avatar

    I have 1 Timeless bottle 1107/2000 which I would like to sell. In Moscow, Russia or in Montenegro.

  8. Avatar
    Katja (

    you would like to sell your Cognac? If yes, you can have a look at our auction section. The process would include an estimation of your bottle´s value by our experts. For further questions, please have a look at our auction FAQ.

    Thank you!

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