Everyone knows how crazy the British are about their cups of tea, so perhaps it makes sense that this is the location for the latest on-trade Hennessy campaign – Fine de Cognac and Tea.

The first event was a mixology workshop held by Renaud de Gironde of the Hennessy Tasting Committee, along with Tim D’Offay of Postcard Teas.  Bar tenders and mixologists from some of the UK’s leading bars and hotels attended, where they were treated to a day of information about mixing Hennessy Fine De Cognac with various different teas to create cocktails.


De Gironde said that the workshop was designed to give the mixologists free rein to use some of the world’s tastiest teas – such as oolong, green and jasmine – and blend them with Fine de Cognac to come up with their own unique creations.

Mixing consultant, Dre Masso, demonstrated a varied array of mixing concepts to his audience.  This included mixing Hennessy Fine de Cognac with Crème de Cacao, as well as quirky numbers such tea infused mineral water and an Earl Grey, Hennessy and Cream cocktail.

The next step is for each bar and mixologist to create their own Hennessy and tea cocktail.  Then then have two months to promote and sell it.  Then in September they’ll be a final competition and the winner will receive a trip to Shanghai where they can visit both the tea plantations and some of the world’s finest bars.

For a chance to try out some of these Hennessy Cognac and Tea Cocktails, bars that are taking part in the promotion include The Donovan Bar at Browns Hotel, The Bulgari Hotel, St James’s Bar at the Sofitel, Calooh Callay, Kai, The Whistling Shop, Okku, Jake’s Bar in Leeds, La Rasa in Cambridge, Capitain’s Club Hotel and Hotel du Vin in Brighton.

Sources: www.thedrinksbusiness.com

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Latest Addition to a British Cup of Tea: Hennessy Cognac

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