It’s been a while now since we’ve seen a new, funky street art Hennessy VS Cognac bottle.  So the new limited edition created by artist, Ryan McGinness, is a great follow up to those already in the series by the likes of KAWS, Futura X, Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey.


And what a bottle it is, with color throughout the spectrum literally exploding off the bottle.  A fitting tribute to the cognac house’s 250th anniversary.


The somewhat psychedelic artist who, by his own admission, loves to play with black light, is well known for his contemporary works that examines corporate and public icons.


One particular series created by McGinness is the ‘black hole’, and he has, in his own inimitable way, managed to incorporate this beloved black hoke and black light component into the new Hennessy VS design.


The passion this artist has for his work transcribes into his creations.  And he admits to not only learning a lot about cognac during the project, but was surprised at how much he and the cognac creators of Hennessy have in common.  He said, “They make cognac the same way that I make paintings; that was really surprising. I make these little drawings, which I call elements, and then I combine these little elements into compounds. This is the same process in chemistry. Compounds are used to make mixtures, which are like the paintings and sculptures and installations. All my work gets distilled down to these little elements. I found that same process in the making of cognac”.


The new bottles of Hennessy VS Limited Edition Cognac by Ryan McGinness will be available to purchase from around 16 July.


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New: Hennessy VS Limited Edition by Ryan McGinness

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