Hennessy are creating quite a reputation for collaborating with top names to create unique products. Now it’s the turn of acclaimed British designer and art director, Peter Saville, to come on board.

This new edition to the VSOP Privilege Collector’s Series is the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition Bottle, with the Peter Saville touch of magic… This has resulted in a beautifully re-casted carafe in a graduating matte-gold colour. Taking inspiration from the origin and composition of the grape itself – the ‘genome’, Saville has incorporated a DNA motif into a gridded colour scheme, as well as neon pink, electric blue and orange.


Senior Vice President of Hennessy USA, Rodney Williams, said of the creation, “Peter Saville’s creation is an innovative and beautiful nod to the storied history of the Hennessy VSOP Privilege blend.” “… originally created for King George IV, what’s striking is how Peter has taken this historical blend – the world’s first VSOP – and masterfully created a contemporary design that still symbolises its elevated pedigree”.

This edition is the fifth in the series of the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collector’s Edition series. The cognac within remains the same much-loved VSOP eaux-de-vie that’s stood the test of time. But the bottle itself really is a stunning re-work.

The Peter Saville Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collectors Edition will be available in the coming holiday season from 24 November, 2014. Each limited edition bottle will be numbered, and it will be available to purchase from selected retailers. We don’t yet have a retail price, but will be sure to update you as soon as we find out.

Learn more about Hennessy Cognac here.


Sources: prnewswire.com

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New Release: Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition Cognac by Peter Saville

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    Would you be so kind to advise where I can get a bottle of the VSOP Privilege Limited Edition Cognac by Peter Saville ?

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