It’s not Remy Martin URBAN LIGHTS! Here comes a brand new Hennessy Limited Edition, the cognac house just announced. It’s called Privilege Nyx Collector Bottle. The bottle design is kept in the known iconic shape.

Hennessy NyX glows at night

Limited edition cognac Hennessy Privilege NyX Collector bottle (that’s a VSOP by the way)  was obviously designed for bars and the night-life.

Hennessy Privilege Vsop NyX Collector

The second bottle of the “PRIVILEGE COLLECTION” looks very modern, with platinum, glass and metallic & purple elements. Looks like a night with a lot of stars in the sky. The logo and label are only visible under black light, yes that reminds us of Remy Martin Urban Lights.

Jennifer Yu, Hennessy’s Director of Communications:

“The new Hennessy Privilege packaging is a fresh adaptation of our iconic bottle and represents unique characteristics discovered within the bottle and inherent to those who enjoy Hennessy. The collector edition’s smooth, sophisticated and distinct design evokes the imagination and conjures the endless possibilities when exploring the unknown or crafting the perfect night out.”

The VSOP cognac is enjoyed neat, on ice or can be used in cocktails.

The price of Hennessy NyX is at $45.99 for retail and it costs $49.99 if you buy it at retailers and selected markets. The kickoff is December 1, 2011. The cognac of Hennessy Privilege blends eaux-de-vie from the top best crus (growth areas).

Read more about the Hennessy Privilege.

Every bottle of Cognac Hennessy Limited Edition Privilege NyX is numbered. What’s more: There is a flash code tag that can be scanned with Iphones and mobile devices to access Hennessy’s mobile site.

Read more about another Privilège Collection bottle: Hennessy VSOP Helios.

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New Hennessy Privilege NyX Collector Limited Edition Glows under Black Light

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  1. Avatar

    is there going to be a list retail locations for this edition? i hope so!

  2. Avatar

    I like to have one, where can it get one in N,J .

  3. Avatar
    levi sheppard jr

    I love the Hennessy white, 44, and the regular. Please inform me on how I can receive a case here in Lake City Fl 32055

  4. Avatar

    where can I purchase Hennessy Nyx in the united states? would love to buy one or two bottles of that limited edition .. love the privilege..

  5. Avatar

    how can I buy cognac Nyx hennessy privilege?? any idea of stores or locations..? can I buy a bottle online

  6. Avatar

    where can i purchase hennessy nyx in the state of indiana, us…i would love to give as christmas gifts..

  7. Avatar
    Tony toca

    Just got my bottle of NYX at Wine and Spirits discount warehouse located at 696 Mt Prospect ave in Newark NJ. Cost was $52.50 and thats with tax inc. Good luck getting one.

  8. Avatar

    When all else fails go straight to the source!! Find a local bar/restaurant distributer, that’s what we did!! Only ones in the Bay with’em ready for Christmas (:

  9. Avatar

    I know where you can buy the heneesy nyx glows

  10. Avatar
    Blaine J Harrison

    I would really lk 2 know where I buy this nyx
    Hennessy Privilege in any state on the East coast must hv a couple of cases asap.

  11. Avatar

    Hello – where can I buy this Hennessy Privilege VSOP NYx on the East Coast or how can I have it shipped?

  12. Avatar

    I had few bottle Hennessy nxy (i am in Washington DC). Thank you

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