When it comes to limited editions, there’s exclusivity… and then there’s exclusivity.  And you can’t beat Hennessy when it comes to being at the top of their game in that respect.  Because the latest cognac to be launched by the global giant – Hennessy Edition Particuliere – really is a limited run, with only 29 bottles being released.

Hennessy Edition Particuliere Cognac

Hennessy Edition Particuliere is one of the rarest cognacs the house has ever released.  Created using some of the most precious eaux-de-vies in Hennessy’s cellars, this is a cognac that harps back to a bygone era; a time before the regions vineyards were ravaged by the phylloxera bug that changed the taste and soul of cognac forever.  Read more about that devastating incident here.

The cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vies that have aged for more than a century, combined with some that are younger and add their own unique finesse to the cognac.  This extraordinary combination has created a blend with a specific and unusual profile – and a nose that reminds one of spices, cloves and Szechuan pepper.  According to Hennessy Cellar Master, Yann Fillioux, on the palate there are notes of fruit preserves, prunes and apricots, not to mention a lengthy finish, balanced by tones of fresh leather and finely seasoned wood.

Hennessy Edition Particuliere

Of this remarkable creation, Fillioux said, “It its truly an extraordinary moment to witness the birth of such a release.  We are merely the guardians in place but for a brief time in the full course of history.  We are very proud of the route we have taken, and indeed of the legacy that Hennessy will leave”.

Naturally, such an extra-special cognac is to be presented in an extra-special bottle.  Each Hennessy Edition Particuliere comes in a Baccarat Crystal carafe.  Each of these sports a handcrafted seal fashioned by Maison Guerlain and is packaged in a hand made leather coffret.

If you want the chance to own a bottle of this high-end special edition, then you’re going to need deep pockets.  Available in the US (only 11 bottles, the rest will be for sale in other locations around the world) from October 15, each will be priced at $27,000 US dollars.

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Source: just-drinks.com

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New Product Launch: Hennessy Edition Particuliere

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