With temperatures in Europe wending their lazy way up to heat wave levels, what better cognac to consider sipping at the end of a hot day than one encased in a bottle inspired by the Egyptian god of the sun.

Hennessy Paradis Horus is derived from the mythical god, Horus – worshiped by the ancient Egyptians as the entity responsible for the sun that rose to bathe the earth each and every morning.

The cognac itself is a combination of hundreds of eaux-de-vie, each aged between 25 – 130 years before being carefully selected as a worthy component of this regal offering.  Hennessy themselves describe it as “the fruit of a noble alliance between man, the land and the heavens.”

And, as is only to be expected from a limited edition produced by Hennessy, the decanter that Paradis Horus is presented in is as ornate and regal as the liquid within.

Designed by the Italian, Ferruccio Laviani, the decanter is in the shape of a golden flame with an oversized stopper representing overflowing liquid.  The bottle is finished in 18 carat gold plate, giving a luminescent sheen and adding to the flaming sun effect.

And what’s the price of Hennessy Paradis Horus?

Prices range upwards into the thousands (price up to 15,000 € for one bottle) for the 18 carat gold plated version, but a black and gold plastic range was also produced, containing the same eaux-de-vie but somewhat lighter on the pocket.

Sources: www.hennessy.com

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Hennessy Paradis Horus – A Flaming Cognac for a Fiery Summer

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