Hennessy Os Gemeos Limited Edition launches! And it’s a VS cognac. Well done Hennessy, that’s another street art project. Find the Os Gemeos Hennessy bottle in our online shop.

Anyone has noticed Brazil’s incredible upturn in the world of culture, sports, and economic growth over the past couple of years. And everyone who’s anyone has visited the vibrant cities Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Hennessy Os Gemeos Limited Edition: VS Cognac Brazilian Street Art


Heading into the Football World Championship next year, and gearing up for the Olympics in 2016, Brazil is awaiting the international crowd to enter its borders.

Just in time to mark the rise of this new ‘super power’ nation, world player Hennessy launches a limited special edition VS Cognac designed by street artists and twin brothers Os Gemeos from Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is famous for its unique graffiti scene, with amazing wall paintings dispersed all over the city. You can visit entire streets that are covered in graffiti, alleyways covered in drawings and landscapes and huge public walls painted with local imagery and colorful sceneries.

Hennessy Os Gemeos Limited Edition: VS Cognac Brazilian Street Art


The collaboration between Hennessy and Os Gemeos is the third in a series of bottle designs by street artists. The cognac house has previously invited KAWS and Futura to develop a label for its VS. Hennessy Os Gemeos shows a row of houses, in typically latinamerican colors. It’s not only an invitation to enjoy a glass of Hennessy VS, but also to pack your bags and head to Brazil!

The bottle will be released this summer. The price is not yet available, but we will keep you posted. Buy Hennessy Os Gemeos Limited Edition VS Cognac in our shop soon. Check out all Hennessy bottles, including the special limited editions with KAWS and Futura X, which are available in our shop: Discover Hennessy’s Cognacs.

Discover the Os Gemeos Hennessy bottle in our online shop.

Pic: Thanks to www.theworldsbestever.com


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Hennessy Os Gemeos Limited Edition: VS Cognac Brazilian Street Art

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    Looks like any old bottle of Hennessy VS but with another label? Or perhaps with even more caramel colouring than usual to hide the lack of ageing and make it sweet enough for those who have no idea what a real cognac tastes like. How can anyone get excited by this most basic, youngest possible, cognac? Unless, of course, you are the maker and produce it at the lowest possible price and spend a fortune on marketing, and use gimmicks such as different labels and packaging – which seemingly fool the gullible and unwary. Then, of course, the millions of people who are silly enough to be convinced by such tricks think that they are getting something different and special… Long may this continue so that those who are convinced by such by things keep buying them and leave the decent stuff to those who can taste the difference!

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