Does the name Kilian Hennessy ring any bells?  Perhaps not to those who live and breathe cognac, but nonetheless, Kilian is a member of the world famous Hennessy family.  Indeed, his grandfather created the company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

Kilian’s love is not in making cognac, but in perfume.  And it’s his aim to make his range as famous as the family’s cognac.  As he says – ‘luxury is in my blood.’

Kilian Hennessy Perfume

He believes that there are many similarities between creating a fine perfume and creating a fine cognac.  They are both complex creations, with many layers each of which develops over time – be it in a glass or on the skin.

Kilian’s perfume range was launched in 2006, although he himself has been in the perfume industry for the past 15 years.  His line – known as the ‘By Kilian’ range, was inspired by a visit to the Baccarat museum in Paris where he was entranced by the sheer beauty of many of the perfume bottles on display.

The range consists of 10 fragrances, ranging from light and delicate through to heavier scents.  One, which is called L’Oeuvre Noire he compares to a fine cognac, saying it’s light in body, aroma and flavour.  Others in the range have evocative names such as Prelude to Love and Back to Black: Aphrodisiac.

Kilian also believes, as with cognac and fine wine, that packaging is everything.  Much as you would expect with these, his perfumes are presented in a black lacquer box with the perfume fitting snugly into a black satin lining.  The box also has a lock and key.

The perfumes range from $225 for a 50ml spray bottle, or a travel set with four refillable bottles from $135.


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Hennessy: Not a Cognac, but a Perfume

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