Hennessy are great for adding something innovative to their products, and never more so than with the ultra limited edition, Hennessy Luminous Cognac.


This VS cognac comes in a bottle that, when you turn down the lights, cranks up the volume in more ways than one – by glowing in the dark.  A great way to add that special something to your dinner party or after hours soiree (if you can actually get your hands on a bottle – see below).  It’s the word ‘Hennessy’ on the label that lights up – what a great gimmick!

You can purchase Hennessy Luminous cognac at select night clubs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago Houston and Miami, but we’re not sure if the bottles themselves are actually on sale to the public.  But wouldn’t it be a great talking point to have one at home…

Read more about Hennessy Cognac here.

Sources: hennessy.com

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Hennessy Luminous Cognac: Introducing the Ultra Limited Edition

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    Mark Rappaport

    I found some for sale here for $200… Is that pretty typical?

  2. Avatar

    I am yet to locate this bottle in NYC, please if anyone finds let me know where…..greatly appreciated have a Blessed day!

  3. Avatar

    I have hennessy luminous bottles for sale for $120

  4. Avatar

    Im trying to find this luminous vs bottle for my boyfriend for his birthday where can i purchase it?

  5. Avatar

    I have some bottles for sale under $100 located in nyc queens. let me know anyone need them.

  6. Avatar

    hi, I am looking for Ultra Limited Edition Hennessy Luminous Cognac. please let me know where can i get this item.

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