The iPod has it, your laptop and now your 0,2l bottle of Hennessy Very Special Flask needs it too. A second skin, made of silicon. And of course it is customized – it protects the bottle, comes in beautiful different colors.. ‘Yes I am having purple Henny, why not..?’ With other words: it’s a gag, a gadget for very loyal customers.

So Hennessy gets ready for the summer. The biggest cognac house just announced a new accessory, colorful sleeves for the Very Special Flask.

Basically Hennessy targets fashion orientated and loyal Cognac consumers with this item. It’s supposed to be stylish and practical at the same time.. and it makes the Hennessy consumer more individual, at least that’s probably what the drinker is going to think.

Below you see some impressions, and the first picture somehow reminds me of the the Apple ads, when the Mac-company announced their colorful ipods. Remember?

Hennessy Flask sleeves VS

Andy Glaser, Senior Vice President Hennessy Business says

“Hennessy V.S. is a brand consumers love and trust. With this limited edition of the Hennessy V.S. flask sleeves we wanted to introduce an accessory that is appreciated by our loyal consumers, but also appeals to the modern generation of cognac consumers.”

It all plays with the thought of being individual, certainly a good idea. While Nike lets you “design” shoes online, Hennessy offers you a sleeve.

Here are some reactions from our Cognac facebook site:

  • “HOW CAN I GET ONE???? I AM DA BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “love that”
  • “It’s about what’s IN the bottle…what’s going on with these people?”

The Very Special (VS) flask sleeves are available in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut – and you can bet that they will be available in more states this summer.

Price is at $12.99.

Source: Hennessy,

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Hennessy launches sleeves for Very Special Flask: Limited Edition Hennessy V.S. Flask Sleeve

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  1. Avatar

    i’m down in texas and would like to purchas a case of 200ml w/pink covers for a breast cancer awarness benefit.

  2. Avatar

    Uggh the sleeves are so bad ass!! I really want/need, big hennessey drinker!!

  3. Avatar
    Don Henny

    I’m from Belgium, I have them in 8 different colours.
    They are sold out everywhere by now, but I have a few doubles.
    When interested ask for my contact @ cognac-expert ask for it

  4. Avatar
    Bryan Morneau


    I want to buy the silicone cover for Hennessy cognac bottle!
    Please help me to find àplace where they can ship it to Montreal!


  5. Avatar

    I’m in Michigan, I NEED one of these in my life! Where can I buy one ASAP?!

  6. Avatar
    Don Henny

    @ Nala, I have 4 colours left + I also have the new serie released as hard plastik cover also in colour

  7. Avatar

    How can I buy one ? Is there any other websites if there is none available ?

  8. Avatar

    I have the 4 of them now but i really and looking for the black and/or grey one. Thanks

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