Kyrios VSOP Cognac by Hennessy, which is presented in a collector’s bottle featuring matt carbon covering and unique codes, is a modern-day take on the history of Hennessy, and has it already in stock:

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Kyrios (Greek) means ” The Lord”

With aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and clove, it’s designed to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or perhaps as a component of a longer drink.

Hennessy VSOP Kyrios

For those in South Africa, there’s an opportunity to get your hands on a bottle of the new Hush Nightclub Hennessy VSOP Kyrios Limited Edition Cognac that was launched on Friday 01 March at in Johannesburg.

Hennessy Kyrios Cognac
Hennessy Kyrios Cognac

It will be available in South Africa for a limited period only.  We don’t have the price for all countries, but it sells at various Duty Free outlets for around £55 a bottle. In our online store, Kyrios VSOP sells for $72.

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The Hennessy Kyrios also retails between S$130 – 200 at selected bars and nightclubs in Singapore and Asia.

Learn more about Hennessy Cognac, or buy Hennessy Kyrios Limited Edition in our online store.


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New Product: Kyrios Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition (Video)

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