We previously told you about the Hennessy Limited Edition KAWS that was brought to market last year, and was the collaboration between Hennessy and the U.S. graffiti artist, KAWS.

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Hennessy KAWS Bottle

A lot of these bottles were produced – 420,000 bottles in all, and they were available to purchase in both the United States and then worldwide.

However, as thesophisticatedcollector reports, a special version of this Hennessy VS KAWS has now been released in Holland, but this version is limited to only 213 bottles in total.  With its funky, bright coloured label, this ‘Colette’ version of the bottle is sure to be sought after.  Each of the 213 bottles will be numbered, and will retail at €24.49 euros.

One other difference is that these limited edition bottles are 700ml in size, as opposed to the slightly larger 750ml of the original Hennessy VS KAWS.

KAWS is a particularly popular artist in the world of hip-hop music.  This fits in very well with Hennessy’s place in the music world, being that cognac is often the drink of choice for many rap and hip-hop artists.  Indeed, much of Hennessy’s advertising campaigns are specifically targeted towards this audience.

Read more about the cognac brand Hennessy, or buy Hennessy KAWS online.

Sources: thesophisticatedcollector.wordpress.com

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Hennessy Limited Edition KAWS – 213 Bottles for European Market

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