In an interview with Fox News, Maurice Richard Hennessy gave a wonderful insight into the world of Hennessy cognac and the company’s aspirations for the coming years.

Maurice Richard is a direct descendent of Hennessy’s founder and has been involved in the family business for over 30 years.  In the interview he spoke about the whole range of Hennessy products – from the top of the range Hennessy Richard, which retails at around $4000 US dollars, to the world’s best-selling cognac product – Hennessy VS at around $35 US dollars.

Find out more about the brand of Hennessy and their products, here.

Maurice Hennessy

He also explained why the company, after nearly 50 years of sticking to their tried and tested blends, decided to add a new product to their collection last year – Hennessy Black.  He said that due to the fastest growing consumer base being the younger, trendsetting crowd, it was deemed necessary to provide this generation with a perfect blend – a fun, yet sophisticated drinking experience.

When quizzed on which foods he considered cognac best complemented, foie gras, blue cheese, chocolate and Asian cuisine came high on the list.  He also stated, and this may surprise some, that cognac didn’t necessarily need to be drunk at room temperature.  He suggests adding ice and mixing it with apple or cranberry juice!

He also gave a tantalising hint that over the next few years they are looking forward to adding further to the Hennessy portfolio – something which I’m sure that we will all be keen to see occur.


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Hennessy is a Global Giant But Still A Family Business at Heart?

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