We were contacted by Jeremiah who is a big Hennessy and Hpnotiq fan. Jeremiah was so persistent about his idea that we allowed him to write a guest article:

Let me start off by telling you about myself. I’am a 25 year old Hispanic born and raised in Buffalo New York. I was raised in the inner city or the ghetto you might say. Growing up I was really into art. Anything that had to do with art I enjoyed. Painting, Drawing, Graffitti and Graphic Design. Once I was old enough to drink Hennessy became my drink of choice. I just grew to love the Drink. Hennessy Privilege is my favorite .I became aware of the Hennessy & Hpnotiq a.k.a Incredible Hulk through music and frequently attending clubs,parties,and social events. The drink became a Huge Hit worldwide.

Well one night after I fell asleep I had a Dream. I dreamt that I was at this huge party.It looked very high scale and luxurious. As I walked into the party I was greeted by a crowd of people chanting “You did it”. As I looked down into my right hand I seen a bottle of Hennessy but it looked different. This bottle had a green label and the alcohol inside was green. I instantly felt it was for the Hennessy and Hpnotiq mixture a.k.a Incredible Hulk.

I woke up and wrote down my dream

I woke up and wrote down my dream. The next morning I began to illustrate what I saw in my dream. For some reason I had this strong feeling that I had to pursue this concept and I have always been the type to follow my heart so I went with it.I began doing research on the drink,on the companies,and starting creating a Blueprint and plan on how I to pursue this. I figured I reach Hennessy first,being that Hennessy is the Bigger and richer company and would be the one to make this happen if anything. So I began emailing and calling Moet Hennessy USA. After about three months of trying I finally got in contact with a Director in the company. I’ll leave the name private for there own protection. Anyway I got in contact with them and I began to explain how I have this vision for the next Big Drink product. The Director was interested in what I had to say and gave me there email. After about two months of emailing they gave me a meeting to present my concept. Before I presented it I made sure paperwork was signed stating that this is my original concept and that I would compensated a 8 figure amount if the concept was manufactured. The documents were signed and I presented it.

The Director was pleased by my concept. They wanted to present it to the Headquarters in Paris, France is what was said. It was to be looked at by research and Development and the Global Marketing team. As of now I wait.

What I’am trying to prove is that this is something that can occur and would be beyond successful. Yes Hennessy and Hpnotiq are competitors but imagine if they joined to manufacture the most popular urban cocktail of the last decade. It would be a Billion dollar move. The reason for Hpnotiq’s quick rise to fame and success was because this cocktail.

I call it Hennessy-Hpnotiq Fusion

To have it manufactured ready to serve in the bottle double branded would be beyond exclusive. It doesn’t need the name Incredible Hulk. Once people see Hennessy and Hpnotiq on the same bottle there going to already know what it is. What I am trying to do is show the Hennessy brand that this is the move they should make if they want to capture the eye of the younger crowd of drinker 21-30 and the female drinker. It can be enjoyed in any type of High energy social event. This would be the next huge innovation in liquor but it would take the agreement between both brands and that is my mission. I already met with Hennessy in NY and I hope to one day meet with the Hennessy Headquarters in France. It would be literally a dream come true. I also designed the concept and this is all my original artwork (see above). This is also a picture of me after my meeting. I call it Hennessy-Hpnotiq Fusion. Thank you so much for listening and sharing my story. I hope it gets a positive feedback. Thanks Max and Sophie and God Bless.

Text written by Jeremiah Mendez

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Jeremiah's Product Vision: Hennessy-Hpnotiq Fusion (A.K.A. The Incredible Hulk)

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    samantha hernandez

    Nicely said! The drink looks great with that label on it. Keep up the hardwork but remember save some time for dreaming 😉 I believe in you.

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    Natalie Evans

    Such an amazing concept and idea! Your story has truly inspired me. I honestly see this drink taking off…Best of luck to you in all your endeavors. Keep your dream alive!!!

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