We’re delighted to see that Hennessy are continuing their street artist collaboration with their latest limited edition of VS cognac – Hennessy Futura X.

Buy Hennessy Futura X Limited Edition online.

Hennessy Futura X Limited Edition

You probably recall the brightly coloured bottle produced in conjunction with the street artist, KAWS, that we reported some time back.  Well this time they’ve teamed up probably one of the biggest names in graffiti artists, Futura.

Futura with his own Design

Famous for his work on the New York underground system in the 1970s, this legendary street artist was invited to Hennessy headquarters in Cognac to learn about the ethos of the company before creating a bright, funky, 21st century bottle for this VS cognac.

Featuring the artist’s signature helix visuals on both the label and the cap, we think you’ll agree that this is one bottle that will certainly stand out on anyone’s drink shelf.

Video about Futura in Cognac (by Hennessy)

Inspiration derived from the perfectly aged spirit, especially its warm amber color palette, FUTURA devised several intersecting lines, complementing color schemes, and finally, a variation of his trademark atomic symbol, to envelop the bottle with a new appearance as well as a new experience for cognac aficionados.

Working on the Design

The bottle will be available at select wine & spirit stores around the globe in the coming months.

Visit our shop: Buy Hennessy Futura X Limited Edition online.

Source: Hennessy


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New Ltd Edition Cognac – Hennessy Futura X

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