Right now it seems that whatever the marketing team at Hennessy Cognac touch turns to gold… Read our article about Hennessy’s new limited edition Futura.

By the way, you can buy Hennessy Futura X Limited Edition online!

Following their collaboration with the New York street artist, Futura, they have now teamed this with a funky pair of trainers from brand leader, Converse.  The Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers sport a wild summer pattern and come in a numbered box set with a bottle of the Futura X Hennessy VSOP cognac.

Futura Hennessy Converse Chucks

The trainers themselves are green and black with a multi-coloured ‘paint splattered’ effect, with the Hennessey logo embroidered onto the tongue.  The set seems to only be being produced in a limited edition available from selected outlets only, and won’t go on worldwide general sale.

This comes hot on the heels of the news that Moet Hennessy USA sales have risen by 7 per cent in the first half of the trading year.  The global organic revenue rose by 15 per cent to €1.76 billion, and Hennessy Cognac – despite having to implement price rises in the last few months – enjoyed single digit growth.


The US and Asia continue to be the fire-power behind Hennessy’s massive increase in profits.  The volume of cognac sales rose by 8 per cent globally in the first six months, driven behind the insatiable Chinese thirst.

Champagne sales, as well as that of the groups single malt scotch whisky brand – Glenmorangie – are also proving extremely successful and helping immensely to boost profits.


The group have said that for the future they will concentrate on “controlled volume growth with a priority on markets with the most value added.”

Learn more about Hennessy cognac, or buy this limited edition bottle of Cognac (without the shoes).

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Hennessy, Futura X, Converse Trainers and a Healthy Increase in Sales

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    tyshuan scott

    Hi i been drinking Hennessy for about 13 years and I want to say that the only thing I drink I spend about $280 to $350 a week with my friends we even call yourself the Henny boyz about to make shirt and all maybe u could make a Henny boyz bottle for me or put me on your team

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    Don Henny

    tyshuan scott so what do you drink then if you spend that $$$ to a bottle i’m curious to what you have tasted already. Greetings Don Henny the HennessyCollector

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