The Hennessy Fine de Cognac is a VSOP: A blend of 4 to 25 year old eaux-de-vie. Other sources say it is a blend of four and ten year old Cognacs.

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The grade and quality is equivalent to a VSOP but contains older Cognacs than the minimum requires.

Hennessy Fine De Cognac originally was blended for a Prince: The future King George IV of England asked Hennessy in 1817, to deliver a superior, old and pale brandy.

The blend presents an aromatic balance, coming from 60 different eaux-de-vie, from the four highest cru zones of the Cognac region:

  • Grande Champagne
  • Petite Champagne
  • Borderies
  • Fins Bois
Hennessy Fine de Cognac VSOP Bottle

This VSOP is quite smooth compared to a VS.

Hennessy VSOP Fine de Cognac review and tasting notes:

The color: amber
On the nose: flower notes, some yellow fruit, an idea of sweetness: honey, earthy tone
The taste: fruit, some honey, spicy, cinnamon
Finisher: Quite smooth “dans la bouche”
The crus: Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois.
The age: minimum 4 years, blended with up to 25 year old eaux-de-vie.
Price: € 45 / $ 60 which is okay for the value

The Rémy Martin VSOP is a bit more complex, I’d say.

Hennessy has a long history and is of course the leading Cognac company in the world, dominating about 40% of the world market.  Its founder, Richard Hennessy set up his trading company in  1765 in Charente.

Buy for $ 60.74

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Hennessy VSOP Cognac: Review of

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    den best cognacen som er laget etter min smak å mening:-)prøv den.

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    Ralph Desperaux

    #1 magnus on Jul 30, 2010, says:
    den best cognacen som er laget etter min smak å mening:-)prøv den.

    Mr. Magnus
    1. Who would understand Norwegian?
    2. Who would trust a Norwegian’s taste?

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    Bob the Chef

    Ralph: Your kind of an ass, but you got a chuckle out of me :).

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