When it comes to cognac enthusiasts, there’s likely to be a fair few of you out there.  But when it comes to something that borders virtually on an obsession, there’s only one guy that hits that top spot.  And that’s Don Henny (real name, Olivier), a 35 year old who has dedicated over 15 years of his life to his love of all things Hennessy.

Don Henny

Don has written a few articles for Cognac Expert in the past, such as his review on the Hennessy VSOP Grande Reserve and his trip to Hennessy HQ in Cognac in 2012.  At that time his impressive collection of Hennessy bottles had hit 300 – somewhat of a milestone in his collecting career.  But that now pales into insignificance as he’s now doubled that figure.

To mark this significant achievement, Don has created a video where he proudly showcases some of his collection.  And impressive it certainly is…

The passion that was sparked drinking Hennessy VS in a bar over 15 years ago has led to global network of cognac contacts, not to mention an array of Hennessy cognacs that’s making him a worldwide name.

His video is really interesting.  He explains why the only cognac in his collection that he doesn’t like to drink neat is the Hennessy Black, and why he feels that cognacs from the 1970s are, in his opinion, unique in their taste and aroma.

Of course, every collector has his (or her) favourites.  And one of Don’s is the Hennessy XO Grande Champagne Cognac.  Double the price of the regular Hennessy XO, it’s very hard to find and he says it really does have an extra special flavour.

Don also has an impressive collection of cognacs created in conjunction with the famous crystal maker, Baccarat.  Most of these are from the 1980s and were truly limited editions; a very special and prized component of the collection.

Some of the oldest cognacs he owns date back to the 1930s.  You can see these in the video, and the bottles are in wonderful condition.  We love these old bottles, with the labels and clean-cut lines of the traditional bottles.

Of course, he also keeps all the empty bottles and presentation boxes from any limited editions he owns.  Just because the bottles no longer have their contents, it doesn’t make them any less collectable.

And we love the fact that Don doesn’t simply collect his Hennessy cognacs and leave them to gather dust.  He enjoys drinking them as well.  In fact, where possible he tries to purchase two identical bottles.  That means he can keep one for his collection and drink the other…

Well done, Don. This is a great achievement.  Keep collecting, and no doubt we’ll have some more articles from you in the future.  And we look forward to reporting when you hit the next milestone.  Perhaps a 1000 bottle collection isn’t too far away…

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[Video] Don Henny: 600 Bottles of Hennessy Cognac

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    Hello my name is Armen I also love Hennessy I have about 500 Hennessy caps I don’t know what to do with I was thinking about making a table but never got around do you have any ideas what I can do.

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