A reader from Denver, USA has this Hennessy Bras D’Or Cognac for sale.

He writes “This bottle I acquired through auction last year. I would like to pass it along. I no longer can afford to indulge my passion for great cognacs in this range.”

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Hennessy Bras D'Or CognacBras D’Or Bottle

The label reads: Grand Fine Champagne Cognac
Contents 4\5 quart – 80 proof
with neck tag

Baccarat markings on bottom of bottle

Presentation Box. (slightly tatty with small damage to top outside of box)

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: There is a tax tag over the top stamped with Schiefflin & Co New York

Hennessy Bras D'Or CognacBras D’Or Label

How has the bottle been stored:

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Everythings seems fine

Hennessy Bras D'Or CognacBras D’Or Cork

The level of the cognac: High shoulder or top shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the upper curve of the shoulder

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Hennessy Bras D’Or Cognac.

Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about this bottle – give your opinion.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting email addresses into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

For both bottle owners and potential buyers: If you want to get in touch with respective owners or buyers please send a mail to [email protected] expressing this wish.

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  1. I will offer to purchase this bottle for $900

  2. Yes. You pat shipping and insurance. to Maryland? What do I need to do to continue. Do I or you have to contact Sebastien ?

    Also let me know about the 48 Hine I posted.

  3. Hi Robert

    I will pay $25 toward shipping and insurance (UPS surface). That should just about cover it since you cannot insure alcohol against breakage. I just put a nominal $200 insurance on the package to make sure UPS keeps an eye on it.

    Your packing is the key to success. Make sure the stopper is packed separately as it can come loose and break the bottle. Make sure you use an over sized box and plenty of bubble wrap and/or peanuts around the bottle. You should be able to shake the box vigorously and nothing should move inside.

    To complete this transaction get my contact information from Sebastian.

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