As we’ve previously reported at Cognac Expert, Hennessy Cognac has big ambitions over the next few years, one of which is to increase production to 10 million cases by the year 2018.

They are also looking for a site of no less than 30 acres on which to create a new bottling plant.  But in addition to this, they have just spent a cool 9 million euros upgrading bottling line number 14 at their La Vignerie à Châteaubernard bottling plant.

The 30 acres Schubert machine

This upgrade is symbolic of their future plans.  Named ‘Cap 10’ – the project that was unveiled in 2008 with their targets for the next decade – the upgraded line 14 is to be used to bottle only XO and fine cognacs.  The machine, nicknamed ‘Schubert,’ after the German company that created it, is certainly an impressive piece of equipment.

New cognac bottling plant for Hennessy (DeLuze packaging machines)

Weighing in at a hefty 30 tons, Schubert is 22 metres in length and takes up 73 m2 of ground space.  18 months in the making, when working at full capacity the machine can bottle 6000, 70cl bottles in an hour, which is an increase of 30 per cent of the old line 14.

It can also cope with bottles of different sizes:  35cl, 70cl, 75cl, 100cl and 150cl XO bottles, as well as 70cl Fine Cognac.


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The Super Hennessy Factory: 9 Million Euro for Bottling Plant

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