You might not automatically think there’s a connection between a cognac and a car.  But apart from the fact that both Hennessy Cognac and BMW cars are both luxury products at the very top of their respective fields, they now have another common connection.

Here is the new bottle design of Hennessy VSOP:

Hennessy VSOP new design

And that is one Chris Bangle – the man who held the position of BMWs chief of design for over 15 years.  Famous, in the world of luxury cars, and will be forever linked with designing the iconic BMW E65 7 Series – affectionately nicknamed the ‘Bangle Butt.’

But his latest design is not one on four wheels, instead it is the latest bottle of Hennessy VSOP Cognac.

Now, and here comes’s not-so-serious version how the bottle also could have looked like:

This is how BMW's version of Hennessy VSOP could look like

But back to serious stuff. The real bottle was Mr Bangle’s first ever project outside of the car industry, and he travelled to Kuala Lumpar last week to be present at the new bottle’s unveiling ceremony.


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New Hennessy VSOP Cognac designed by BMW chief of design

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    I drank this drink for the first time and I love it immediately. Smooth to the touch. Chill..

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