The workers union, Force Ouvriere (FO) of Hennessy is not happy after advertisements in the press for additional workers.  The adverts, which came out last Saturday (15 January), are for packing and machine operators.

Angry Mob?

The problem is not over the additional posts of employment, but rather that management seems to be trying to take credit for an idea already put forward by the union.  In a letter sent on the 6 January, the union begged management to avoid the mistakes of previous years in regards to packaging.  However, Director of Personnel, Cecile Debadie said that ‘Management do not share your analysis of the staffing situation with regards to packaging.’

Union Steward, Joel Thibault, says that ‘it’s not that they are opposed to more staff, but the fact that they themselves suggested exactly this earlier this month, but management disagreed.  But now, eight days later, they have changed their mind, making the union look like idiots.’

Whilst Mr Thibault believes that management ‘do not listen,’ it does seem that Hennessy really do seem to be considering the union’s point of view with the recruitment drive.


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Hennessy Angers the Union

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