Hennessy Cognac reaches the grand age of 250 this year, and naturally they want to celebrate the occasion in style. To this end, the house is launching a special edition cognac entitled “The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend”.


Created by notorious Cellar Master Yann Fillioux, the eaux-de-vie that make up the blend have been aging in 250 handmade, specially commissioned 250 litre Limousin oak barrels. Before the eaux-de-vie were placed in these, they had already been aged for at least a decade under ‘optimum conditions’.

Fillioux says of his creation that, “the Maison celebrates 250 years of savoir-faire and excellence by creating a unique anniversary blend. To mark milestone celebrations, Hennessy has always carefully created a special Cognac to illustrate a sense of continuity”.


So what can we expect from the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend Cognac? Well, according to Hennessy, it’s said to offer ‘aromatic tones varying from herbal and spicy to bitter orange, fresh nutmeg, liquorice, dried peppermint leaves and saffron’.



And the Cognac is not the only thing to look forward to on this landmark anniversary. The Hennessy 250 Tour is a delight that will take place from March to September this year. This has been carefully choreographed and created by art curator Herve Mikaeloff, heritage expert Raphael Gerard, and scenographer Nathalie Criniere.


The tour will visit various locations around the globe, including the Lincoln Centre in New York, The Zaha Hadid Opera house in Guangzhou, China, the Circa Gallery in Johannesburg, the New Manege in Moscow, as well as a location in Paris that’s yet to be disclosed. Anyone who visits the tour will have the opportunity to record a personal message. These will be saved in digital format in a 21st century ‘time capsule’. This will then be carefully stored in the cellars of Hennessy for 50 years, where the capsule will then be unsealed for the 300th anniversary celebrations in 2065.


Bernard Peillon, CEO and chairman of the house of Hennessy, said of the occasion, “Ever since Richard Hennessy founded the Maison in 1765, and throughout the seven generations that followed, Hennessy has forged its reputation by always looking forward, by being engaged with and passionate about the avant-garde, by cultivation deep ties with faraway countries and cultures, and by thinking globally before that notion was invented”.


We don’t yet know the price of the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend Cognac. It could be relatively costly…considering the amount of care and work that went into it.

Read more about Hennessy Cognac.

Sources: hennessy.com

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Hennessy 250 Collector Blend Cognac for Hennessy Anniversary

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