Here at Cognac Expert we love reporting about new products to market. And when we come across a collection that showcases the best of a cognac house‘s range, then so much the better.
The new product in question is the Tradition Collection from Hardy Cognac. Consisting of Hardy’s VS, VSOP, VSOP Organic, XO and XO Rare, the collection really is the heart of what the house of Hardy is all about.

New ‘Tradition Collection’ from Hardy Cognac

With each eaux-de-vie presented in re-vamped packaging, these have been specifically designed to embody the cognac house’s ethos. With the approval of Anthony Hardy, Ambassador of the house, Benedicte, said, “We have always asserted our own, very particular spirit. Our cognac style is the exact opposite of robust, and we wanted the colours of the collection to embody the mild character, finesse and daring style that are our hallmarks.”

Hardy also wanted to ensure that this collection would not only be available for those ‘happy few,’ with extremely deep pockets. The whole collection is priced to be within reach of all cognac-lovers. So what can you expect from this collection?

Hardy VS Cognac
An elegant cognac with a wonderful golden colouring, the Hardy VS is a blend of four crus, including both Grande and Petite Champagne. Very fresh, with a floral scent and smooth on the palate.

Hardy VSOP Cognac
A beautiful bronze colour, with a hint of pear, cinnamon and walnut. The Hardy VSOP is a complex yet well balanced blend, ideal to drink straight, on the rocks or with a mixer of your choice.

Hardy VSOP Organic
Hardy are proud of the ‘haute couture’ element that they bring to their blends. Mild, fine and elegant, the Organic VSOP stands true to all that the house holds dear. Very pure, aromatic and fresh, this high quality cognac is aimed at the true connoisseur.

Hardy XO
With its amber good looks and aromas of dates, cigars and rose petals, this mature cognac is a wonderful addition to the collection. Tradition by name and tradition by nature, this is a great cognac to enjoy as a digestif after a good meal.

Hardy XO Rare
The stand out winner of this flagship collection, the Hardy XO Rare cognac is a blend that seems as timeless as the taste. A cognac that evokes thoughts of roaring log fires, after dinner conversations and that all important first sip, you’ll be delighted by the silkiness and seemingly everlasting flavours it brings.

Hardy Prestige Cognac
The Hardy Cognac Traditional Collection is an excellent way to gain an introduction into the subtle, elegant cognacs that the house produces. And it’s virtually impossible to talk about Hardy Cognac without mentioning their Perfection Series, a group of different eaux-de-vie that are based around the Earth’s elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
This wonderful group is comprised of Hardy Perfection Series Air, Hardy Perfection Series Terre Earth, Hardy Perfection Series Flamme Fire and the Hardy Perfection Series Eau Water.
Not only do you get some deliciously different cognac’s, but each bottle is designed to emulate the element from which the cognac takes its name. Sheer decadence, but most definitely worth it…

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New 'Tradition Collection' from Hardy Cognac

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    It is so sad for Hardy to eliminate Napoleon , dark green with gold wire, on his product list. In my experience, Hardy old type Napoleon cognac is better than xo in the stand of intensive aroma, as well as refinement

    Nowaday, it is not surprising that cognac makers produce new high grade but low quality cognac for the profitable marketing strategy and shortage of old Eaux-de-vie

    So I recommand that If you have a chance to meet old good Napoleon cognac with a reasonable price, get at the moment!

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