Norwegians, despite the crazy taxes and VAT imposed on alcohol (25% VAT and €24 per bottle tax), are prolific drinkers of cognac.  In 2010 the country imported over 3 million bottles, making it the eighth largest cognac importer in the world.

So it’s a particular honour for the small house – Guy Pinard & Fils – to have won approval by Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian state monopoly who control exactly what liquor can be sold in their 260 countrywide stores.

This is not an award to be taken lightly, seeing as the tasting and selection is carried out ‘blind,’ following a strict set of references set out by producers.

Guy Pinard XO

The family run firm, headed by Chantel and Jean-Baptiste Pinard, has been run under strict ‘bio’ conditions since 1969.  It was this which helped them to be accepted by Vinmonopelet who were searching for a truly organic cognac.  To this aim, the house developed a blend specifically designed to be enjoyed by the Scandinavian market, and the VSOP eco cognac was born.

It is now available to purchase in all Vinmonopelet outlets throughout Norway.

If you want to know more about Guy Pinard and their products, please see here.


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Guy Pinard Organic Cognac wins Norwegian Approval

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  1. Avatar
    Ole Cigar

    Good news.
    But why organic wine as basis for making cognac?
    Simply because if you add the sugar and the caramel like the big 4 houses do, it is like putting a strong filter on your camera lense. You might tone down a colour or the sharp sun but you are altering and hiding the taste of the origin: The grape.

    If you went to a concert would you like a curtain between you and the orchestra?

    Sugared cognac is not as bad as all the artificial best sellers in the wine market. However, sometimes badly distilled products gain from adding sugar. Why not add an icecube as well…

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