Marnier-Lapostolle just announced the new Liqueur release of Quintessential Expression of La Vie Marnier »”>Grand Marnier; the Grand Marnier Quintessence. Quintessence features a rare blend of exceptionally old vintage Cognacs sourced exclusively from Grande Champagne and special old family reserves aged up to 60 years in French oak vats.

Grand Marnier Quintessence

Quintessence of “La Vie Grand Marnier,” features a production procedure, with an extra step in the process creates a more velvety and concentrated orange perfume that balances the blend of fine, old Cognacs.

Quintessence Grand Marnier

The eaux-de-voe used in the blend of Grand Marnier Quintessence come from Grand Champagne, the first cru of the the Cognac region. The age of these cognacs are between 25 and 100 years, selected from the Grand Marnier Paradise cellar, where the company’s extra old cognacs are stored. Among the blend are cognacs from the 1906 Grande Champagne casks and the 1955 Grande Champagne barrels. The oldest of Grand Marnier’s Paradise cognacs is from 1875…
More than 20 different Cognacs are blended in the final product of Quintessence

The Orange Flavour in Quintessence

Grand Marnier uses bitter oranges for the unique time-honored Marnier recipe, called “double parfum”. In order to create the “double parfum,” orange peels are macerated with the perfume of the first distillation.

This is followed by a second distillation to further refine the flavor and produce the final result: an amazingly tantalizing and delicious flavor. Finally the Cognacs, orange and sugar are blended and then aged another 12 months in oak casks – this period is called “marriage time”.

Grand Marnier was founded in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle and produces the world’s most known orange liqueur.

Price is at $700 per bottle.

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Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueur: New Product Launch

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