Not your average book from the library.

Here comes an vintage limite edition product: A golden treasure, a Limoges porcelain decanter and most certainly a Bi-Centenaire de L’Empereur Napoleon 1er 1769-1969 Camus Napoleon. One of our reader sent pictures of his beautiful vintage cognac bottle, and would like to learn more about this product.

(If you also have a bottle you would like to submit photos, please use our form)

Golden Vintage Decanter

This Camus Napoleon Vieille Reserve Cognac »”>Reserve Cognac was sold or £396 ($661) at Christie’s and the estimates originally were at £200 – £300 ($334 – $501).


If you are interested in buying this Camus Cognac, comment – and who knows, perhaps a deal may happen. On the bottle it says: 22 k GOLD, Modele Depose, Production Limited, Reservee a Camus Cognac.

As always, feel free to comment.

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22 k Golden Porcelain Book: It's a Camus Cognac Napoleon Decanter

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  1. Avatar
    Judy Chu

    I have a bottle of this limited edition wine, never opened,and I’d like to sell it. Anyone who is interested please contact me for more information.

  2. Avatar
    Les Lancaster

    I have 8 bottles of the Cognac still sealed – if anyone is interested please let me know and we can maybe do a deal.

  3. Avatar

    I have a handmade crystal baccarat with silver belt from 1988.Not opened.Limited to 5.000 bootles.It is a Grand Marc, Hors d’Age.It means minimum 50 yrs old.It is the only one available in the world.Remember that there was a production on the same kind of bootle in 1980,30.000 bootles.Dont mistace, look for the 1988 decantation.

  4. Avatar

    If anyone that posted here still interested in selling cognacs, please let me know
    My EMAIL

    Thank you

  5. Avatar
    Dave Shepherd

    I have one of the above decanters in a very good condition, But empty, (was’nt me)
    mine is in its original box And with its stopper, if anyone would like some photo’s please send over email address, I would like to invite offers for the item but please consider the Christies price as I will not accept minimal offers,
    Thank you Dave

  6. Avatar

    I have one large 22ct gold decanter and one 22ct small decanter,one large ble 22ct trim decanter and one small black 22ct trim decanter,all are empty of cognac,sadly.

  7. Avatar

    I HAVE 1 BOOK OF COGNAC 22 K NAPOLEON SERIES DE 1769- 1969 . MY PHONE # 954-3819850 IM SALE.

  8. Avatar

    I have one unopened bottle 50ml I bought in Paris of in 19 73 of the Camus Napoleonm Vieille Reserve Cognac Bi-Centenaire L’Empereur Napoleon 1er 1769-1969 in Limited edition 22kt gold Limoges Castel container Unopened with cork /porceleon napoleon hat and original box. $295.00 call 414 777 3977 and leave a message if you are interested in buying

  9. Avatar

    I have one of these decanters for sale it’s green with the brandy still in still in box gold markings on it to willing to sell for right price

  10. Avatar

    I have one to sell as well. Green with 22k gold trim. Unopened, in original packaging. Perfect condition. Contact me if you are interested. (Comment by admin: Hi Daniel, please use the Submit Your Bottle function above and submit images and information)

  11. Avatar

    I have one of these bottles – perfect condition (empty) – also has Limoges castel France on it. Looking to sell it.

  12. Avatar

    I have 6 different bottles unopened, a present from the camus family 26 years ago. A red ,blue,green,light brown ,all gold and one all silver

  13. Avatar

    I was wondering if my camus napoleon book is 22k gold plated? And can you please tell me how much it would be worth now?

    kindest regards

  14. Avatar

    hi, I have a bottle of this 22k book-shape camus napoleon cognac 1769-1969 still unopen. I would like to sell it. I’m not sure anyone interested with it. please email me if interested. thanks

  15. Avatar
    Jun Ramil Sembrano


  16. Avatar

    I have a gold Camus napoleons cognac bottle I’m willing to sell. It’s the exact same one in the pic above

  17. Avatar
    Angele Colageo

    1 Camus Cognac Special Reserve Grand Masters Collection, Renoir Moulin De La Gallette Limoges porcelain decanter. Unopened, pristine condition, in box.

  18. Avatar

    Has anyone seen this one is it real or not
    It is gold an Maroon and red

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