Giorgio Gucci celebrates the 10th Anniversary of his fashion brand “Giorgio G” by launching a Cognac product line: Premium blends that seem to consist of 35 to 50 year old eaux-de-vie.

But who is Giorgio?

Giorgio Gucci is the founder of the fashion line Giorgio G. and a descendant (third generation) of the known Gucci family. Giorgio G. normally produces exclusive clothes and all kind of stuff in that direction – now he launches his new limited collection of cognacs. For over five decades, Gucci worked in the family business with his two brothers.. now he uses the strong name and brand of Gucci, indicating luxury and style.

Giorgio Gucci Cognac

Monsieur Gucci will promote the brand in the US. The fashion icon signs every single bottle of the collection. Gucci will visit Washington DC and New York in September 2010. There will also be an auction at the Pierre Hotel.

The company behind these bottles is Emperor’s Brand: They are present on the American spirits market since 2007, and introduced premium vodkas to the market: Emperor, Versailles, Winter Palace and Imperial Exclusive.

Below you see the invitation for the presentation of the new Cognac line.

Giorgio Gucci Cognac

Unfortunately we were not able to find out what the ‘terroir‘ or cru of this Cognac is, and which producer is responsable for the Cognac.

Source:, Emperor’s Brand

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Giorgio Gucci launches his high-end Cognac brand

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    Three years on and I haven’t seen any mention of these cognacs anywhere. Indeed I understand now that an American company is now seeking bids to sell the entire production of 5,700 bottles in one lot – now referring to it as a “private collection” – which looks to me as though they didn’t manage to sell any. Did anyone buy any of these? Does anyone know what they taste like? What went wrong?

  2. Avatar

    Hi Peter,
    good questions. Well, I never tasted this cognac. I do not know who the producer, provider or blender of these cognacs is.. perhaps you have an idea?

    What I can tell is that these bottles are totally standard bottles & decanters. I could name you at least 3 other producers who actualy use these bottles..

    To be honest I think the project didn’t go that well. It’s somehow a weird positioning: GUCCI + OLD MAN WITH SNIFTER + AVERAGE ‘OLD STYLE’ PACKAGING. So I’d say, first of all the marketing went wrong. I am not aware how the cognacs taste like – but at the end of the day the bottle and brand make the first impression, the taste comes later. What are your thoughts? Why is this a topic for you?

  3. Avatar

    I tried to Google this product again to see what else had been posted recently and only this old post came up close to the top. Anyone looking should also have a look at the new post. I was thinking that this link might just save someone a huge amount of money if they only looked at the first two Google listings…

    However anyone with $18M burning a hole in their back pocket should come and talk to you or me and we can help them find a great deal more cognac – I would estimate around 50-100 times the quantity, and of known quality – for their money than is on offer here…!

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