Georgian Julep Cocktail with Cognac

“All the scenery in the world – avails not to keep a Virginian away from a Julep on a
hot summer day.”

– George William Bagby, Civil War writer and humorist, 1860

Georgian Julep

Regarded as possibly the world oldest established cocktail and having roots based
throughout ancient Persia – “Gulab” meaning rose water – the original Mint Julep
cocktail, unbeknownst to most, were first popularised using French brandy rather
than the American whiskey commonly served today. The Georgian Julep is naturally
a Georgian twist on the original cocktail, mixing mature VSOP cognac, with sweet
apricot brandy and crisp mint all churned through refreshing crushed ice.

Georgian Julip Cocktail

2 parts Courvoisier® VSOP EXCLUSIF™ Cognac
¾ part Apricot brandy / liqueur
1 palm Fresh mint leaves

Glass: Highball or pewter cup


Clap (don’t muddle) mint in your hands to release the essential oils and
place in the bottom of a highball glass. Build the remaining ingredients over the top
of the mint filling the glass ¾ with crushed ice last and leave to infuse for a couple
of minutes. Delicately churn together, evenly mixing all ingredients and spreading
the mint throughout the glass. Top off with a head of freshly crushed ice and garnish
with a mint sprig and apricot wedge.

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