The fourth International Cognac Summit, organized by the BNIC runs from Jan 23rd to Jan 26th. This tim the focus is on taste, the palate. Just remember: In 2008 the think tank created the summit cocktail, in 2009 the aroma wheel.

The summit takes place in the town of cognac; bartenders, experts and sommeliers are invited to elaborate new ideas for the cognac world.

The goal is really interesting this time: Measure the pleasure – so it’s all about quantifying cognac taste.

Cognac think tank

Jérôme Durand (head of marketing of BNIC) explains:

“Cognac has a unique and complex taste profile and being able to look at all aspects of this with some of the best tasters around today, will, I am certain, be as fascinating and enriching experience as our previous summits have been.”

Is it possible to quantify taste?

There are quite some guests attending at the summit, just to name some: Thomas Sornicelli (Ritz, London), Andy Seymour, a mixologist consultant, Nicolas Peri, (Burgundy, Paris); Evangelos Pattas (Délice, Stuttgart).

All those experts will work on their task, in workshops – but is it really possible to measure taste? Isn’t Cognac something unique, and isn’t taste individual? We are thrilled to see what the outcome of this little adventure will be. A random 1 – 10 rating system? Or a complex system nobody understands?


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Fourth International Cognac Summit 2011 - Goal: Measure taste

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    interesting to know the results! i believe, this could be somethins similar to phenolic “ppm” (parts per million) used to measure/describe whiskies, but who knows…

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    Cognac Expert

    Tell us more about that ppm please, what is it?

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