And here is another request from one of our readers: The reader would like to know how much the bottle is worth, its market price. Apaprently it is from the 60’s or early 70’s: J & F MARTELL Grand Fine Cognac Quatre Crus le Grande et Petite Champagne.

If you have a comparable bottle, please join and participate in commenting below.

Martell J & F

It has been stored until last month in a dark cellar.

The label reads: J & F MARTELL Grand Fine Cognac Quatre Crus le Grande et Petite Champagne

backside label of J&F Martell

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J & F MARTELL Grand Fine Cognac Quatre Crus le Grande et Petite Champagne

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    This is a common bottle from the 1980’s containing Martell’s *** quality cognac. Value 25-50 Euro.

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    Gareth Jones

    I’ve got a Martell bottle with a ceramic top (similar to a Grolsch bottle). The label looks 50’s or maybe earlier. Can anybody date the bottle from the label and/or top?

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    keith penzel

    I have a bottle of this, given to my late father in the 60s, but it is 70% proof it comes in its own box, and I want to sell it, but dont know what the value of it, its never been opened, and I dont drink

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    Joe Nguyen

    Hi Keith .
    This bottle is Produced in the 70’s or early 80’s . It is an European version .
    If the filled level is high , the cognac is still good . But if it is evaporated a lots , the cognac is some what spoiled and NOT good for drinking at all .
    These kind of bottles are good for collection purpose only . If you are interested in selling your bottle , please email me at [email protected] .

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    I have a sealed bottle J. & F. Martell Cognac. It has a gold colored seal that reads,
    Fine Champagne V. S. O. P Cognac. The label on the bottle has a round picture of Louis XVI and says Medallion Fine Champagne, Liqueur Brandy, 4/5 quart 80 proof Cognac, Produced in France. Produced and bottled in Cognac (France)
    Sole Distributors in the U. S. A. BROWNE-VINTNERS COMPANY New York, N. Y.
    The number on the seal is 95204495. There is also a label on the back describing the contents issued by the French Government. I received this from a friend and was told that it has been stored in a basement safe since the 1950’s.
    Can anyone tell me what it is worth and possibly where to sell it.
    Thanks, Dan

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    Heb drie flessen van j f martell maar denk dat ze ouder zijn,te zien aan etiket en fles volgens mij,maar kan via deze site geen fotos versturen groeten jean

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    hong kong

    i have a sealed bottle
    how much can i sell it out?
    can anyone tell me?

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    I just bought exactly the same bottle in auctions for 50€ (exc.taxes), J and F Martell 3 stars, estimated in the 60’s.
    But I have no certitude.

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    Hi ,

    I do interest with your bottle .

    Please contact (Comment by admin: Please first place an offer, later on you may communicate via email. We are trying to make this more transparent for everyone here. Thank you.)

    I will send you the offer ASAP !



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    I have a bottle of J&F Martell Congnac dated Mai 1909,
    If interested I will take pictures of front and back.

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    I have kind of the same bottle, but with a german desciption on the back.
    Could anybody help me and tell me how old it is an if it is normal to have it in german on the back.

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    i have a bottle of martell looks very old neva been opened its 70 percent vollume want 2 sell

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    Hi. I have an old martell bottel un opend.its Ne 1628 .year u intersting.(for sal).its veary reach

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    Hi Mart,

    I have one for sale. Please email me. Can’t email you

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